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Jay-ZWith the current controversy surrounding high-end retail store Barneys and racial profiling allegations, one thing stands evident. Harry Belafonte was right about Jay-Z. In the midst of this controversy, fans have called on Jay-Z to end his partnership with Barneys, in which his new holiday fashion line is going to be sold. Jay-Z’s response has been a calculated public relations effort in which he negates any real responsibility to his default, “I’m doing it for charity” statement. Currently, Jay-Z is continuing his partnership with Barneys with his collection set to launch next week.

This “doing it for charity” response only further highlights Jay-Z’s disconnect with the masses that he often claims to represent. This notion of accepting racism in exchange for charity is downright laughable. If a charity is supposed to be helping people, why work with a store that appears to marginalize his own fan base due to class and race perceptions. Now, Jay-Z claims he’s being demonized for his partnership with Barneys. He’s not being demonized. He’s being realized.

This is where Harry Belafonte comes in. Months ago Belafonte called on Jay-Z to play a more active role in social movements and help to drive social change. Jay-Z’s response was to refer to the 86-year old civil rights icon as “boy.” Jay-Z went on to state that due to his mega star status, his very presence was “charity.”

Harry Belafonte’s critiques were not superfluous statements. They were part of an insightful analysis of how star power can be used to affect societal movements. With over 50 years of civil rights activism, Belafonte can spot both genuine and superficial involvement. The latter, is what Jay-Z is often engaged in. This superficial support of “the people” is laden with corporate driven interests.

For example, during the height of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Jay-Z decided to make a t-shirt line based on slogans from the movement. His plans changed, once Occupy Wall Street activists asked if he would share the profits. The idea of having to share the profits (which would have helped provide much needed financial support to activists) was unthinkable to the hip-hop mogul.

Then, there’s the controversy that surrounded 2010 tax records from The Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund. During that year he reportedly earned, over $63 million but only donated roughly $6,000 to his own charity. This is not a normal practice for charity founders, who often provide a large portion of their charities’ financial costs. Out of all donors, Jay-Z reportedly gave the lowest donation to his own cause.

Finally, there is the N*ggas in Paris fiasco in which his friend Gwyneth Paltrow, decided to tweet the title of the song after attending his concert. This resulted in Twitter backlash over her usage of the term. Jay-Z, who is an enthusiastic advocate for the usage of the N-word, was silent on the controversy. Having millions among his fan base embrace the N-word is a part of his crossover hood status appeal that provides further economic security.

According to the Recording Industry Association of America, in 2012 White/Caucasian audiences represented 79% of music buys, 81% of CD buyers and 80% of digital buyers. So don’t expect Jay-Z to engage in any significant dialogue with fans about using the word. With him it’s the same old, “people give words power” and “this is the least racist generation” excuse. It’s not economically feasible for him or any other corporately invested hip-hop artist to do anymore than brush off the issue. Yet this is someone people expect to fully grasp or care about race related issues?

The African American community  has to get beyond this belief that just because someone from our community attains fame or wealth, that they’re somehow intellectually superior, a role model and someone to be admired. The same can be said for Russell Simmons with his Rush Card, Blood Diamond, and Harriet Tubman controversies. And Kanye West, who often laments about racism but strives to uphold the same materialistic values that help drive economic disparities. Do you really expect any of them to be deeply invested in activism against a classist system from which they benefit?

Harry Belafonte was right. Jay-Z isn’t genuinely standing up against racism or classism because this activism may affect profit margin (something he learned while selling crack).

JamAllen2-nb-smallJessica Ann Mitchell is the founder of OurLegaci.com & BlackBloggersConnect.com. To reach JAM, email her at OurLegaci@gmail.com.

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769 thoughts on “Harry Belafonte Was Right About Jay-Z”

  1. Jay-Z is so full of himself that he can’t see the bigger picture. He is doing this to please the corporations he’s in bed with. I’m so over him and his bs.

      1. JAM, Thank you for your article and keying in on one of the most important aspects of societal movements, namely having walked the walk, literally from the Civil Rights walks to making sure equality is recognized by all for the content of ones character as opposed to ones corporate interest and pocketbook. MJG

      2. some black people tend to hold back on putting white people or white companys in their place even if they cross the line they dont want to come off not likeing white people even tho we alway bin and still are the victims
        and all they got to do is act like they like u and ull be fighting for them
        stockhome symdrome

        we need to wake up cus we dont knw truth and we bin lied to jus like the natives americans
        they knw thing abt us we dont knw we are isrealites.org our heritage was stolen and the change everything about ous they are not our friends …

      3. I remember watching that video of Jay Z’s when he’s in that art gallery performing. At first, it looked like he was performing in front of an audience composed of everyday people, but then celebs started popping up in the audience, and it made the whole enterprise look cheap and like a massive sell out. I stopped watching after that.

      4. Jam,

        Thanks for the article, it is always great to find real truths that help us understand what is happening with the “icons” of society and how others perceive them. With the recent passing of Nelson Mandela it is certain that too many people look to the wrong example for true inspiration. Mr. Mandela YES! Jay-Z…..not so much. Wish there were more newsworthy journalists like you available on an everyday basis:)

      5. How easily forgotten was his reaction to Cristal’s managing directors’ comment!

        “Jay-Z used to make many references to Cristal champagne until 2006, the managing director of the Champagne house that makes Cristal told The Economist that he viewed his product’s association with hip hop “with curiosity and serenity.” When asked about the effect these references have on the image of Cristal, he said,

        “That’s a good question, but what can we do? We can’t forbid people from buying it. I’m sure Dom Pérignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business.”

        Jay took offense to this and pulled the product from the menu at his 40/40 Club in NYC and vowed to never drink it again. He has replaced it with Ace of Spades Champagne, which also comes in a gold bottle.”

        “It has come to my attention that the managing director of Cristal, Frederic Rouzaud views the ‘hip-hop’ culture as ‘unwelcome attention,”’ Jay-Z said. “I view his comments as racist and will no longer support any of his products through any of my various brands including the 40/40 Club nor in my personal life.”

        Jay-Z has some “complicated” reactions towards racism, for sure.

      1. Dude… did you even READ the article? This article isn’t even about money. This article is about the lack of socially responsible black stars in this generation. You should really think before you speak.

      2. Actually DeWayne Alston, I see where Kael’s comment is valid. Jay-Z does perpetuate a very materialistic attitude regarding money and this filters to his listeners. This consumerist mentality is a major problem of our people. We fall victim to others because of our lack of handling on our own finances. Jay-Z pushes the idea of buying name brand clothing, cars and jewelry to his listeners…our youth, knowing many of them cannot afford these things. However, he does not promote investing and making our money grow…which is what he is doing with his money. This is one aspect of the injury he is committing, but it is a very important one. The young lady who was targeted by Barney’s is a single mother with another child on the way and yet she has somehow learned that a $2500 handbag is worth more than creating a nest egg for her children. Materialism and consumerism is indeed promoted by people like Jay Z and it is this foolish image that he also needs to stop condoning. Teach those who have less to do more with what they have. So, Kael may have taken a different approach to the article, but it is an angle worth discussing.

      3. black and latinos did this in tulsa called blackwall street read about it . and ur good friends burned it down and did a 911 on the town it was goin to good people who knw will tell u we can try again . our leaders dont remember
        or talk about it , its a shame we could put our people to work we have many Opra,jz , magic, dre’s, but they take their money to africa when they never help us when dog biteing us and when we were been killed u cant get justic from people that never gave us justic
        we are to be blame too
        marching dont work
        they even got to pay now to march now sad sad rebuild Black wall street !!!

      4. What did you read? Because it wasn’t the article at hand. However, there are numerous of us attaining wealth through business ownership, property purchasing, being and trying to remain financially sound. When the masses support those that don’t give back or support those very communities and ppl in those communities that leveraged them to the other level it is a societal suicide. I hate that we have to stop supporting him but what other way do you get your message across?

    1. I always wondered why Michael jordan never came out in support of any race issues or political issues and this article made it very clear to me add to why he remains silent about all issues that he should speak out on

    2. We as black people have to realize that not all black people are our friends likewise not all white people are our enemies

    3. Yes he is Brandi Harry Belefonte he disrespects a “man” full of so much history, a music legend/icon King of the calypso beat he walked with Mandela so some rich ass rapper can of the hubris to call this “man” who has worked tirelessly for civil rights way back during Carmen Jones days, How dare he call him a boy. The ultimate word of “disrespect to a black man”

      I’m so mad right now I could spit and reading this makes me ashamed and embarrassed for JZ because he may be richer than crème but he needs to go and refresh himself on African American’s civil rights history because he’s stupid and ignorant. And this during a time the world is grieving for Nelson Mandela he disrespects his memory calling and 87 year old black man a boy. I’m done with this dude, real.

    4. There’s no need in singling Jay-z out. Coorporations have a strong hold on all Blacks that have achieved some level of success. They are making hush money. All athletes, actors, and entertainers. Lets no forget churches and schools also failing. No ones is being held accountable

  2. Where do you get your information in speaking for the African American community ? I am from the “African American community & I most definitely do not believe that Jay Z or any other financially successful rapper, singer, actor etc. is intellectually superior,

    1. Thanks for commenting Vickie! Jay-Z has been put on a pedestal by many in our community. Definitely not everyone but still too many. He’s viewed as some sort of an icon and we have children idolizing a drug dealer. Let’s be real. This is happening and we have to acknowledge it.

      1. I so agree with you JAM some folk in our community have placed him above all that REALLY matters. I’ve never liked his work because it seems a bit too immature for someone his age. He’s always come across as superficial, egotistical, and shallow.

      2. We should also hold our President to the same social responsibility as Jay-Z. He has become pretty cozy with him as well. With his position of power and relationship with Jay-Z makes it appear that what Jay-Z does is ok.

      3. This is so true Jam and not to mention who he worship and his belief , which is so against our culture. I have a serious problem when some serve a different God then the all mighty himself? And that along says a lots about Jay-Z. So who is he anyways?? That’s the question, and do he really care ???

      4. While I understand your perspective, it is self serving and unrealistic to cast your expectations on another persons responsibilities. Not every hard working black american is out there making themselves heard, why does a multimillionaire get all the press and pressure. If we as a community did a better job of raising our children and being heroes in the home, we would not be having this dialogue. He is more responsible simply because he is more financially capable. Many of you, I am sure, go to work every day for EMPLOYERS who exercise many of the same views openly in their hiring and promotion practices. I would be hard pressed to find any of you who immediately quit their jobs and took income out of their households. Jay Z would be a fool to not take into account the impact on his personal wealth and the legacy of his family, no matter your opinion of what that legacy might be worth, before making such a decision. We as a community should at least respect that. How many black americans of wealth do we currently have? We chose to tear down our own. Jay Z IS NOT the Problem. My parents are truly my heroes. Hardworking, dedicated, fiscally responsible, 50+ years married and raised two very driven, articulate, self aware children. My daily choices are made to honor and respect the values THEY instilled in me, not those of my musical upbringing as amazing as Mr Belefonte is – I appreciate his music, but my values came from home. My choices are my own. Finally, his life as a drug dealer??? Are you saying that will always define him and the millions of others of our youth that have passed through that experience. Cant have it both ways. (he’s a drug dealer or a man of means you want to exercise his influence) Name calling is usually a last resort of a child – Just my opinion.

      5. I think as a people, we are doing just what is expected of us, pointing fingers, placing blames, who knows what context, the word boy was used in? Boy I wish you all would stop it with the crab In the bucket mentality, get off of your lazy behinds, and make some urban societal contributions, and spend more time doing than talking, you can help our people, by not throwing stones, most of you who are commenting, don’t even remember where u came from, and I’m not talking about Africa, when was the last time you looked down and helped someone up?

        Each one teach one, then each one can reach one.
        We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

    1. Thanks for commenting Whitney. You are soooo right. Sometimes people in younger generations don’t realize that on many levels we operate in a state of privilege that older generations didn’t have. Homage and respect needs to be given to icons like Harry Belafonte. If it wasn’t for him and other civil rights icons, Jay-Z wouldn’t have the rights he has today.

  3. Everyone needs to read this! I will repost via Twitter and I’ve already posted on my FB page. You should try and submit this to Huffington Post!

    1. Yep! I just got this from Esai Morales and lit Facebook up I have 1,000 followers hey, I know Z has millions LoL but I CAN make a difference The hubris of this rapper is beyond words.

  4. You know, this post hit several GREAT viewpoints. I used to be a person who enjoyed his music (only the beats, not so much the words). This makes you wonder about his wife, the almighty Queen B and if her “charity” is a bit fluctuant. HMPH! I will continue to say that in this day and age, majority of these people in the lime light are only in it for profit. Not to truly help or make a drastic change. They have the power to do SO much and yet slack more than hose who really work their behinds off to see things get better. This post is great and I will surely share it!!

  5. I agree, Jay Z is all about is money, he feels like he is a businessman and in being that he is removed from the masses and his skin tone. He thinks he is protected, but there are powers that be that can make the UNTOUCHABLE “touchable.” He’s not as removed as he thinks. Why people buy his stuff I don’t know. The level of his raw talent or lack there of leads me to believe that perhaps he did as the rumors suggest, make a deal with the devil. I honestly don’t see anything special about him to make him or his alleged wife so popular, it can’t be talent. Maybe a hint of business savvy but it’s not talent for sure.

      1. Well when you have been appointed one of the front runners of illuminati movement, he is made to believe that he is invincible….!

    1. Devil? “Alleged wife” ? Really? U read a thought provoking piece of literature addressing a social issue and this is your response? What you have said and the vitriol involved does not help this cause and makes you just as bad as those you criticize. We are as much a part of the problem as Jay Z is.

  6. Fan or not, I must state the obvious: Jay-Z is not Harry Belafonte, nor is he known as some groundbreaking activist for change. In fact, none of the people mentioned in the article can be called people with messages that explicitly support the kind of life-on-the-line commitment, with actions for change as Harry Belafonte and others like him have done for the greater good—at least not yet. For the struggle is not yet over.

    Yes, as a people within the toiling aftermath of overcoming almost impossible odds against deliberate, systematic subjugation—whenever we are re-introduced to any act of racial-slighting, or justice- circumvented, it is natural for us to call for the assistance of those with power to enable change, or aid us in exacting revenge. Especially those of the same race, with power-of-celebrity. When that call is not answered to the measure we expect, we begin to treat the person in the position of power as the enemy.

    In the early 70s, while he was not yet known, I remember Harry Belafonte as a person my aunt and uncle knew—a guest of their United Nation’s dinner crowd. Harry Belafonte, was that kind of a man—a man with a vision for change. As Jay-Z is the kind of man representing who he is. Neither of them is the enemy.

    Years ago, I met a celebrity, whose work I admired. After some dealings, I realized that I was unable to admire the kind of person they were, in spite of their celebrity. I simply stopped talking about them by name, and I stopped supporting what they did. If we are disappointed with the assistance expected from Jay-Z, on this matter, we should stop supporting his career; the magazines that put him on their covers; his businesses; the companies that sponsor him; and most of all, we should stop talking about him, by name.

    1. Although I agree with your post, I feel the need to point out that Harry Belafonte made his first single in 1953 and his first album, “Calypso,” which was released in 1956, sold over a million copies within a year (according to Wikipedia). I think he was pretty well known, long before the early 70’s.

      1. Harry Belefonte was “the man” back in the day he was an African American super star and broke the color barrier mainly (not only was he extremely handsome) because of his “music” he and Sidney Poitier were the “IT” also Ossie Davis and such but just talkin about Harry. He (back in then) was probably as rich as Z is now. He has an extraordinary history an amazing career His first film role was in Bright Road (1953) so he was famous way before the 70’s by 1957 he was a bonafide “international” movie star (that crossed the color lines). He was a social activist right from the gate back in the day. Sorry for my rant but calling this man a ‘boy’ is beyond the pale I’m 62 years old and I’m so mad I want to spit!

    2. I’m sorry…. I’m confused. Are you saying that Harry Belafonte was not known in the 70’s? That’s… completely ridiculous. He did a movie with Dorothy Dandridge…. Does “Carmen” ring a bell? He was also has been singing since 50’s and 60’s. Not to me mention, participating on the 1963 March on Washington first hand. If I’m confused… Help me understand.

    3. I agree. Every time his name is brought up he is remaining a topic or subject matter to be discussed. Actually I am tired of hearing about how he is not coming through to support a bigger racial cause. I don’t believe that he ever made supporting a racial cause his end game. He makes it very clear what his end game is and that is to make money. Yes, it would be nice for him to use his status to assist in the racial cause but that is not what he is around for. He is around to entertain with his music, make money and use his status for other marketing opportunities. He is an example of a business man and that alone. The black community should use his business actions as an example for making money not as an example of social activism.

    4. yes- this. As there are all kinds of people in the world, there are all kinds of black folks. Just because Jay Z is a talented artist that makes good music, it doesn’t make him an admirable person. Do I believe he should do more with his money? yes. Should he be vilified for not using his millions for the good of the African American race? I don’t think so.

    5. I agree, De’ Kridge; We respond to the events of living motivated by who we imagine our-selves to be. However, would-en it be divinely lovely if we made a serious effort to learn who we really are? Shall we be mindful of the power within the Light of Pro-activity? Silence is good,(no free publicity for the person or the company) We can only change “us” by our silence on the subject and inactivity with the green!
      Blessings and Light all,

  7. I agree with everything that is said. One of the many problems is that we created Jay-Z by spending our dollars on his music. Myself included. The flip side is that we don’t spend our dollars to give the same type of power to people who can make a difference in the black culture and community. For example, I am a author of children books. Think about how important that is? Not only do I increased the literacy rate amongst of children but I provide our children a much needed role-model. I have had discussions with people who will not buy my $8.00 book but have $85.00 Timberlands of their 3 year old child’s feet. The black spending power is one of the greatest powers in the country but we continue to give that power away to the newest, hottest and trendiest item only to discard it months later. We don’t need to just buy black, we need to buy with the right blacks. Spending money on most hip-hop artist, sports figures and black Hollywood has gotten us nowhere. Arguably we are worst off than we were in the 80’s & 90’s We must spend our money on the educators and influencers who can uplift and empower our community. I like to think I am one of them but I can even convince parents that they’re going to get much more milage out of my books than those Timberlands.

  8. Jay Z doesn’t care about his fans. Where do you people get such an idea that he’s connected to you? His only connection is to get you to buy his product. He will not turn down money because a store clerk is racist… Jay Z another rapper extracting money from fools with foolish music…

  9. Where to begin…

    Your article is on point. Jay-Z has been appeasing his White Masters for many years now. The PR machine is happy to paint him as a rag to riches story and a role model for African Americans. Of course they would. It suits their needs on many levels. It absolves them of institutional racism while Pimping him out to sell garbage to people.

    I’m all for success and you can’t debate his monetary success but its a soulless Faustian success.

    Let’s think about the change Jay – Z could have made: As head of Def Jam he could have called for a year Moritorium on the “N” word.1 year for all Rappers on his label. Rappers are SUPPOSED to be the most creative artists in the world and they can’t figure out a way around the slur. Yeah….

    Remember when he had the overpriced Carnegie Hall concerts? How much of that money actually went to his charity and in turn reached needy students? In all fairness, Most celebrity charities aren’t really that charitable. I guess we shouldn’t expect Jay to be any different.
    I could go on for days. Jay-Z would probably swear he is Pimping the corporations but in reality it’s the other way around. His Sports agency : Really CAA infrastructure with Jay’s name tonadd some luster and street cred. This dude is a Sham. Or is Shame?

  10. I find it strange we criticize Jay Z for not basing his moves based on an opinion of people whom have not supported his corporation in recent years. To say he must be more of a social activist is preposterous. Why don’t any of you go out and protest verbally? What, do you all feel you are not famous enough? Create a spectacle and people will take notice. Why is a girl, 23 years old, baby with one on the way, on public assistance, buying a $2500 bag? Why is a 19 year-old buying a $300 dollar belt? I find it strange none of you been to a club before. You can wear baggy jeans, sneakers, look too young, no fitted hats, obviously dress codes directed at the black community, yet none of you call Greenhouse racist, you are not picketing outside Taj, no call for action against Fashion Forty. The black community always wants a piece of the money someone else earned and when they don’t get that money all of a sudden the black community has morals, values, and common sense. Please sit down with this black power article and go out and act.

      1. I have to agree.. Voicing your opinion on social networks seems to be the only thing I see people do, but no one is taking physical action to do it themselves; they rather throw Jay-Z under the bus for his actions, meanwhile in the real world people are trampling each other for the same designer items this holiday weekend and probably still visiting the same store. People need to worry less about these celebrities and more about themselves and the choices they make. I seen Animal activists / PETA in front of Macys 34th st protesting for the past 2 days about fur, I didn’t see one celeb face. why does a celebrity have to take action first in order to influence you? The fact is he doesn’t owe the black community anything, it’s his choice to whether or not he wants to take a stand. Whether you like it or not, you just have to deal with it. Just like it was your choice to support his career and buy his music and products. Now you feel he owes the black community something because he is Black, rich and famous; and you help get this way? Lol. Represent yourself with your own voice and stop waiting on these celebs to speak up for you.

  11. Stupid people should get wise and stop making ignorant sell out selfish people famous. You can judge a woman by the company she keeps, so what do that say about his wife?

  12. Crabs in a bucket that’s what we remain
    Til this day still we are leary of our siblings fame
    Why wont he act right or why did she do that
    if I had that cake I’d wish to give it back
    to the ones who remain in the hollow of the ground
    Those who CHOSE to stay now pull me back down
    For us to truly grow you must allow me to change
    Crabs in a bucket that’s what we remain

    1. It’s interesting. You know I have heard this analogy of the crab in the bucket for many years and I used to think the same way, until I REALLY started to think. If we really think about this analogy, the crab deserves to be pulled back down. Yes, you actually read that right. They deserve it and I’l tell you why: Does anyone ever think what it takes for that crab to actually get out of that bucket? That crab had to claw, climb and in the process climb over and push down a whole lot of other crabs. That crab made it out on the backs of other crabs. However, when that crab makes it to the top, it does not think to look back to give his fellow crabs a helping hand out of the boiling pot. It does not even think to try to turn off or even turn down the fire under the pot in which his brothers and sisters are actually boiling. The crab simply walks away and leaves his fellow crabs to be boiled and later eaten. Many times that is the picture of those of us who make it out. We forget. We act like crabs and leave our brothers and sisters to boil in an oppressive, marginalized and downtrodden system. People like that deserve to be brought back down because they have forgottwn where they cam from and those who forget where they come from are sure to be reminded when they return.

      1. Kevin, You are spot on. Out of all the post I read about the article, this one was spot on. No one is saying Jay-Z is obligated to give back, but he should want to. He should want to set an example. He had the perfect opportunity to set an example and he didn’t because of his profit margins. There are a lot of us trying to make a difference in our communities, that someday will effect this world, without being a celebrity. I only wished that African American celebrity would do more to help the plight of our people. Racism is not dead, injustice to our people is not dead, it’s not even wounded, it’s cloaked.

      2. If you think long and hard enough you can always distort phrophetic words. They do it with bible all the time. Yes that one crab crawled on the backs of others to get out. SO WHAT. He should be applauded for having the courage and will to make it out. What about how many times he tried to get out and was pulled back down by the same crabs you’re defending. What about the inspiration he provides to the other crabs that have tried and failed. Some of those crabs like being there and dont want help they only want to hate the ones who got out. If we are truly one people then one black man’s success should encourage, inspire and make us proud even if we are still in the struggle. For the record Jay z has reached back and helped those inside and outside of his struggle. He’s not a savior. That’s our problem. We are stuck in a saviors mentality instead of saving ourselves we always place these expectations on those among us who are successful. God bless the child that got his own.

  13. Wow……I agree with most of the comments…Have never been a Jay Z fan, nice beats or not, his lyrics were offensive and totally turned me off, but that’s just me…so I’d never miss him if he was black-balled by the African-American Community…..But we all have an obligation to help build up out communities and nation, so stop saying that we don’t….This is exactly why we are still a downed nation…….Jay Z spent many years in the Marcy Avenue projects slinging drugs…He knows how disenfranchised the people are back there in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, yet you have not heard of him putting a dime back in that community, like a Recreation center for the teens, getting them off the mean streets….They have very little to do down there…I know., I lived in Bed Stuy for the last 16 years…….This is why I disagree with any body who thinks he doesn’t owe anything back to the community…Its ludacris to even say so……Hell yeah, he owes back to the community he made mucho dollars off of it in the drug trade…..probably led to many addictions and deaths….lives lost….and now, does he even have a conscious about what he left behind…He still has family left there…..I think he is a talent-less, selfish cod……and I used to like Bey and her music alot, I still like her music and acting, but I now question her loyalties to her fans as well….and they are both tainted in the “illuminati”….believe it or not…..Jay Z cares shit about his people……Because he does not acknowledge a connection to the African-American Community…Too Sad!…..

  14. Your thoughts are slanted yet refreshing. Refreshing because of how real and relevant they are. However, your belief that “The African American community has to get beyond this belief that just because someone from our community attains fame or wealth, that they’re somehow intellectually superior, a role model and someone to be admired.”, is racist.

    The expectations of public figures that have obtained wealth and fame should not be based on their race. All celebrities should be held to the same social standards. Those that are not supporting their fan base and a better U.S.A., should and will loose their financial support.

    You cannot win the fight against racism by being racist. Meaning, if you speak or write against racism you must avoid divisive statements that appear to be race based.

    Example using your statement: Americans need to get beyond this belief that just because someone attains fame or wealth, that they’re somehow intellectually superior, a role model and someone to be admired.

    This edited version of your comment is not divisive and is a clearer statement of your message. If your focus is to diminish and ultimately end discrimination join those of us that fight fire with truth.

    Additionally, I am not a fan of Jay Z, and I am not defending him in any way, but, he is playing the game by the rules and winning. He has a right to be who he is, not who other’s expect him to be. Don’t hate the player because you don’t like the game. If you don’t like the game, find a new one.

    1. The minute you referred to the author as racist, you lost credibility. It’s very revealing of non-blacks who are uncomfortable with discussions about race by blacks to mis-use the term. I won’t bother reading past that point. Educate yourself.

      1. The article is divisive and is a form of race baiting. Nobody gave a rats ass what jay z was doing when he was slinging crack. Now that he’s rich and legit, he owes us something? Why? Because he’s black or because he’s rich? Obviously from this article it’s not the latter because no one is bitching about how Bill Gates is spending his bread or time.

  15. Thanks for a great article. Ignore the criticisms. I’ve yet to read one that had any real substance but there are a few (peterayala) that are just plain idiotic. Keep up the great work!

  16. Look at Jay-Z’s behavior from a strictly cultural point of view. Now do you understand his behavior? certain behavior you have come to expect from some people based on their culture (acquired or otherwise).

  17. Funny how he singled out Jay Z, but it’s typical of blacks to attack someone who looks like them rather than go for major corporations or even the federal government…Jay is a entertainer..same as Harry Belefonte…I don’t recall anyone writing any lyrics for this man so as a entertainer what does he truly owe us…This is what upsets me. We are so quick to hold our hands out to Black celebs who made it and complain when they don’t do anything but won’t say a damn thing to our government nor major companies who still profit off our slavery. Why is he not asking Obama for some help??? Like I said it’s easier to point the finger at Jay Z cause he’s a easier target who most likely won’t respond…what about Jordan who continuously has kids killing over sneakers…how about all the money people spent on skittles and teas for Trayvon..but none of those companies gave a red cent to his family and yet Zimmerman is continuously in the news…why isn’t Mr. Belefonte saying something about that. Black people time is near and we still complaining about the minor issues. WAKE UP!!!

    1. Your Revisionist reply is shortsighted and falls flat. There was “Controversy” outrage and surrounding things like the price of Jordans and kids killing each other. Ever heard of Stephon Marbury? Created a line of shoes to combat that.

      Maybe you’re too young to remember that. And maybe you don’t follow current events but there are numerous critiques of the Government. Always have been. Difference today is that some are valid, some are driven by prejudice.

      If you’re going to post a contrarian view or any view for that matter you might want to think about it a little more deeply before writing. Just my opinion.

  18. Who came up with the notion that this man is a community icon? Crack dealing is not a community enhancing activity. On the contrary. Lets stop setting ourselves up for disappointment by having high expectations of every rich person.

  19. What you are looking at is CULTURAL WARFARE. Lil Wayne disrespects Emmit Til’s family in his lyric, Hustle Simmons disrespect for one of my favorite shero’s of all time Mother Harriet Tubman, Rick Ross basically telling you how to date rape a woman in his lyric, As an Emcee myself PLEASE don’t confuse them with Emcee’s or Hip Hop? They are rappers and their bars are sweet and will cause tooth decay!!! As for Jay Z he never stopped dealing drugs, he just changed the product. Don’t think there isn’t a connection between his (the rest of them too) detrimental lyrics and our demise! Jay Z help displace people in Brooklyn in order to help build the Barclay Center people lost their small business, residents, and quality of life thanks to him. The biggest lie that was told was that he was part owner when in fact he was only 1/10 of 1 % of a minority owner (which he has since sold) a gift to spoon feed people of Brooklyn why he should gentrify them. What is the message Jay Z gives to the youth? You don’t have to finish school, hustle drugs and rap about it and your reward could be you get to hang out with the President of the United States. President Obama should have also know better to make the affiliation with him. He’s not my role model my father is! Stop supporting mainstream artist real hip hop is and has always been underground.

    1. Im glad somebody is speaking truth…..All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for coming after this blk man who literally came from nothing to make his mark in this world….You all are no different then the people who are racists…. Jay z is a rapper…not a doctor or a lawyer or even a polictical figure….He never professed to be a leader or an activist….He is and always be a hustler….so why would Mr. Belifonte even approach him about playing a role in somthing he never professed to be in the first place…..Lets get over this race shit because honestly its only becoming a blinder over our eyes….its about money the only color tht matters in this day and age….

  20. Jay-Z is a product of his environment…American corporations.

    We all have choices in life. Jay-Z chose his way, some agree and others disagree.

    There is always at least two ways to view something in this world. When the scenario of Jay-Z donating $6,000.00 out of $63 million is mentioned, some might say, “That’s all?”. How many people have their own scholarship fund? Perhaps Jay-Z runs his fund different than other funds. A certain amount must be raised, anything short of this amount and Jay-Z covers the rest. This would mean he has reached out and influenced people to donate. Charity.

    Take money out of any situation Jay-Z is involved and we wouldn’t view it as a negative. We put money in the situation before, during and after Jay-Z is mentioned. Of course we have an issue with him. We view Jay-Z as money.

    Jay-Z is a good person. He only does what he wants to do. Perhaps his actions don’t always appease the masses. The masses are tough to appease. Jay-Z is in his mid-forties. He is in the stage of his life where he will transition between conducting business deals and activism. One might argue, he should already be practicing activism.

    Don’t forget, Jay-Z was a drug dealer the first 20 or so years of his life. There is an amount of karma involved in his past life. No matter how much money he earns in a year, he still has demons he must deal with on a daily basis. Given time all of the relative will balance out.

    My advice, if anyone would like to read, take a step back and watch Jay-Z for the next ten years. See what you see.

    1. Well said Mike! I agree – everyone is talking about how “rich” Jay-Z is, but is he really “rich”? Due to that fact that no one has been able to take material possessions into the next plane of existence, what good does a bank account of money do for you then? The law of Karma is real and there is no amount of money that will save you from it. So based on Jay-Z’s past, I would argue that he is indeed “poor”. I, for one, do not envy his life.

  21. Thank you for this commentary. I hope you can take my criticism with as much grace as you are taking the praise you have been receiving. That to me, is the true test of professionalism. At any rate, I do agree on many levels that Jay Z (he officially removed the hyphen in his name months ago) is no longer in touch with the community nor cares about “the little guy.” My point in replying however is to comment on your mention and quick dismissal of Kanye West’s efforts to speak out for the African-American community….

    To reiterate what you said about Kanye: “And Kanye West, who often laments about racism but strives to uphold the same materialistic values that help drive economic disparities. Do you really expect any of them to be deeply invested in activism against a classist system from which they benefit?” I would have to assume by this, that you are not well educated on Kanye’s story, lyrics and/or interviews. Most recently his interview with the “Breakfast Club” radio show, where he stated his goal to design and price affordable clothing so his fans can purchase. Or his recent tour merchandise that features $30 t-shirts (as opposed to $750 see: Barney’s Jay-Z). I think it’s grossly unfair of you to dismiss Kanye’s efforts through his charity, lyrics, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” and other efforts..however unguided…as him being materialistic. Yes, he may enjoy expensive clothing that are well within his budget, it was either very convenient or due to a lack of information to ignore things like that. Kanye, an art student with an educated mother (Ph.D) and Black Panther father, who did NOT sell drugs. Let’s talk about that….

    1. Hello Kev,

      Thank you for reading my article. I am very knowledgeable about Kanye West, including all of his mother’s accomplishments. Why are you mentioning his parents? Since when does a man get applause for what his parents did? Unfortunately, Kanye West is not his parents. He currently represents a materialistic mindset that continues to do more harm than good. You have only outlined further reasons why Kanye West is such a huge disappointment.

      1. Thanks for replying.

        I mentioned Kanye’s parents while also mentioning he did not sell drugs, to set the context that he is the opposite of the drug-dealing Jay Z you mentioned on more than one occasion. I didn’t give Kanye “applause” for what his parents did, but there is something to be said about his upbringing if you are going to also mention Jay Z’s. Listening to Kanye’s lyrics, there is so much more going on than a mention of a high end fashion label here and there. I am just suggesting you listen a little closer.

  22. The last straw for me with this one was posing with Trayvon Martin’s parents and then a week later played 2 sold out stadium shows in Miami, threw a an all nite champagne bash at a 5 star hotel and then shot a music video there which is basically a “visit Florida” tourism promo.. nice boycott there .. giving your money & fame to people who oppress you.. people.. this is not the look. plain and simple.. however .. he is trapped .. he knows if he stands up to the machine they will either kill him , or some of his family or discredit him with any one of numerous scandals they got on him , which for a capitalist, is a fate worse than death ..
    the fact that this man would even liken himself to a Sinatra type “Chairman Of The Board” is.. words fail.. Frank Sinatra had the hustle and the muscle behind him to shut Vegas DOWN until Sammy Davis Jr was allowed to walk thru the front door of the hotel where he was headlining and until the casinos hired some Black staff .. Mr & Mrs. Carter both sadly are just puppets kept on gold chains by their illuminati bosses and stand for nothing but Kold Kalculated Kapitalism..like all mainstream entertainers no matter their race or color ..dont rock the boat, do what your’re told and keep this rotten system in place by never questioning it beyond lip service.. Beyonce out buying $350k Hermes purses… the people who slammed the door in Oprah’s face in Paris, on then to free photo ops to promote a single with Harlem school kids.. meh. granted… these people are entertainers and not politicians or philanthropists, they do however have a responsibility at the very least socially if not financially to take a stand and raise awareness.. Their presence at any event should always be treated with scrutiny and suspicion , they are both willing and unwilling spies for their bankster bosses , cameras going off everywhere .. we need leaders at the local level.. God Bless Harry Belafonte, whose shoulders both Mr. & Mrs Carter stand on..

  23. I agree with a lot of these points in the article. The one thing I would say though is Jay Z suppose to be the activist everyone wants him to be? He’s an entertainer, and until we start putting the onace on people within our community to change things. Waiting for men who aren’t directly affected by these issues is ignorance in itself.

  24. I agree with some of these points, and I disagree with other parts. I agree with the writer’s criticisms of a lot of the stuff Jay Z has done in the past – the “Occupy All Streets” tees was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a rapper do (which is saying a lot, lol), and his past handling with his scholarship foundation was terrible. So in the past, Jay Z has actually been really bad at handling the “social” side of things in a publicly respectable way. I do think he’s not given enough credit in other areas, but that’s a different conversation altogether.

    That said, I actually thought he handled the Barneys situation fine, for the most part. He actually used the racial profiling as a way to give help to people who need it. Before, his scholarship foundation was only getting 25% of the profits from the collection – but as a result of all of this, Barney’s is giving 100% to the foundation, along with 10% of what they made from the physical stores and online stores period from a certain day.

    Organizations make mistakes. Racism exists, overtly and covertly. Both of those things exist, and will happen. To me, it’s about how you change from those things. Barneys isn’t only losing in the court of public opinion – they’re actually getting sued over this. So as an attempt to make amends, I think that giving all this money to help underprivileged kids go to college is a decent start. Add that to the legal fees from this lawsuit(s), and the money they stand to lose if they actually lose the case(s), and they’re screwed. Barneys’ public rep is already hurt, and they’re losing money from it. People are acting like Barneys “wins” by Jay Z keeping the partnership with them, but they’re losing potentially millions of dollars and their rep.

    I don’t see it as an “exchange” for racism, as much as try to make amends for something they did. When a company does something negative like this, it isn’t enough for them to just release a few statements. They need to be hit where it hurts – their pockets, and their reputations. Barneys is getting hit in both of those ways, and people are getting a college education as a result of that. Barneys is going to hate giving away the money from their collection and getting dissed in media, and they’ll be even more upset if they lose this lawsuit, so they will likely have to actually work on changing their practices. Because people are going to be *looking* for racial discrimination situations, now. They’ll have to stay on their toes.

    Barneys was already losing money from the deal – they might as well lose *more* money, and that money might as well go to kids who need it. I think that refusing the money for kids that need it is silly. If Jay Z ends the partnership, sure, some people feel better, and a “message” is sent, but nobody is helped in a completely tangible way. If he had partnered with another company, he wouldn’t be able to give *all* the proceeds to kids – he’d get another 25% figure or something, like he was about to get from Barneys before this all happened. And just about all money is “tainted” in the United States.

    Fact is, a few employees’ mistakes – or a systematic issue with the business – are about to help give a college education to people who may not get it otherwise. They’re paying for what they did in a way that hurts them, IMO.

    1. Also, I think the point needs to be made that Harry Belafonte is an exception to the rule – that’s what makes him so incredible in this field in the first place. Not everyone is going to be as skilled as Harry Belafonte in terms of social activism, and I don’t think that should necessarily be the only measure we use to determine where a celebrity’s heart is, or how effective he/she is.

    2. Thank you for sharing the bigger picture. I understand why many people feel that Jay Z should end his partnership with Barney’s. Many who were outraged know darn well they weren’t going to purchase the collection anyway! Let the partnership continue for the benefit of the foundation.

  25. As a fellow Brooklyn-ite I have always been a huge fan of JayZ, both his music as well as his brand of Brooklyn pavement borne tenacity. I appreciate his full embrace of the wonders that agressive capitalism in our modern age has offered. I found this article however, to be extremely well written and coherent on the severe emotional detachment that JayZ seems to exemplify, an attitude rampant in todays major celebrities. I probably got my first inkling of it during the Barclays Center real estate deal when an entire region of underprivileged people were displaced to make room for the monstrosity. Subsequently filled with the minimum wage receiving, warm hearted young kids from the ghettos east of Flatbush avenue, looking on as their white contemporaries from the city pay $15 for bottles of water to quench their molly driven thirst. I think its time for JayZ to take a serious look inward…..or fire his terrible PR team. Great article.

  26. Prayers up for those that buy into Jay-Z’s marketing schemes, or let alone his persona. At the end of the day, he is doing the devils work, make sure you know who’s team you are on. He appears to make no apologies.

  27. I agree with majority of you guys. Jay-Z is all about his money, and fame. I don’t listen to his music or support any of his endeavors, I do not listen to his wife’s music either, because I don’t agree with her passiveness. They both are about building and making their empire on the backs of others, by any means necessary. We need to enlighten our young people of “their” past and give them something else besides growing up to be a rapper or star athlete. Give them confidence, in themselves and their community. Explain to them why it is important to have self respect. Why it is important to embrace your race, your hair, your lips, your body. Let them know that in order to be happy and love, you have to know and love yourself. We need to teach our kids, then they will have enough sense to know not to listen to these knuckle heads talking about N*gga is a form of endearment. My ancestors went through enough to be called African American, and all that is being thrown away for money and fame. I call this ignorance. Teach our kids that is the only way to break the cycle.

  28. What is being said of Jay-Z is true of Barack Obama. So while the criticisms of JayZ are valid, I hope people stop lying to themselves about the U.S and what it represents….. It has always been a lie. So no amount of good intentions and hard work will change it. Jay-Z being Harry Belafonte really changes nothing….. His reign as an important entertainer ushered in Reagan and he same Crack that JayZ sold. So he (Harry) should be castigating people for still looking at entertainers (sucessful or not) to solve problems in their communities….That’s why you have elected officials …..

  29. To me he just another rapper I really don’t care what he stands for.I don’t care if he stay with Barneys or leave is he the only black person that sell merchandise there why when someone decimates the whole company is racist for example if someone that works at McDonalds thats racist toward a customer is the whole company racist?It’s Funny How people are trying to make him a activist for he is just a rapper

  30. Thanks for this article. Modern day artists seem to act “young and dumb” when older individuals like Harry Belafonte, Oprah Winfrey, or Bill Cosby try to teach them something. The only problem is, these artists are neither young nor dumb anymore. They are in their 30s and 40s, doing as you say, filling their pockets and refusing to take a stand lest it hurt their bottom lines or cause them undue aggravation.

  31. You say that kids are idolizing a drug dealer? He USED to be a drug dealer and so was Malcolm X but no one brings that up when they talk about his accomplishments. People change and their PAST shouldn’t be used as some sort of leverage to prove a point today.

    Sure, Jay has lost his way. He appears to care more about his success and pockets more than he does about the state of his people. Maybe it’s because no one cared about the state of his life and the life of his mother. Maybe he acts the way he does because no one helped him get to where he is. It’s hard to break that mentality when you come from where he does.

    We are all entitled to our opinions but we aren’t entitled to tear someone down when none of us walked in his shoes.

    And what amazes me the most is that most of you who have responded are quick to state that you don’t purchase or bother with anything involving Jay but within the same breath feel the need to tell him what to do with his money, power, and influence, all things you admitingly don’t contribute to.

    Talk is cheap. All of the character bashing is ridiculous. If you don’t care for the man why waste your time giving him a forum being it a positive or negative one? Stop talking about him, don’t buy his products, don’t go to his shows, don’t support Beyonce or any artist that puts money in his pockets, etc. cause all this says to him is you have a problem with me but yet you took the time to donate an entire article about me.

  32. Tupac was our last real social activist. Nas does currently does things. But who are we to say Jayz doesn’t do more, the media only reports negativity and the positive. At the end of the day, blacks need to be the change they want to see and stop looking for celebrities to speak for you. Does anyone in your everyday life speak for you? Those days are gone! Mlk’s and Malcolm x days are gone, most of those people were killed! Get off your lazy asses and stop counting the celebrities dollars and following what they do! Do things in your own community yourself and make change! Instead of crying behind a computer you could be actively doing what you criticize Jay for not doing. All blacks do is sit back and criticize each other, you dont see whites doing that to each other! Get out of that Willie Lynch mentality and get your sh*t together! As far as crabs in a barrel, how the hell can a crab turn a stove off! Get serious yall!

  33. Yes Brother Malcolm sold drugs. But after he became cognizant of the ways he was complicit in the harming of his people and community, he dedicated his life to educating his people, speaking out for justice, challenging oppressive systems and helping young people avoid the poor choices he once made. I don’t believe anyone is stating a person cannot make a mistake. But how does one now use his or her consciousness for greater good? There is the distinction.

    1. She didn’t say all that..AND she purposely left out the fact that Jay is donating 100% of the proceeds..I get tired of this type of “journalism”..Smh….

  34. Im not trying to defend anyone but I understand the whole situation but I think his whole thing is about a check but I dont think he cares about the company this deal probably has been pending and he has a family to feed by you guys saying its wrong for him to move foward with the deal its really not our business

  35. yes I liked jay z and that rush card thing was crazy.. The n word in paris another sick situation. I have never put famous black people on pedestals. and this is why I am not well liked amongst my peers because I will not agree with wrong doings if you are black,white, and or green.. harry has been around so he spot a fake..

  36. I will say that I’ve always been a JayZ fan. I like his lyrics some can be rude and cocky but that’s the industry. I listen to the lyrics mainly, as Jay I’m from the projects and growing up in the projects was ok for me. I think for him it was another struggle. People need to stop talking about what he used to do so many years ago. Growing up in the projects some had that survival attitude, unfortunately that lead to deal drugs to survive. Yes some people worked real jobs back then; but that was the PROJECT mentality for a large percentage of our young men back then. This metality still exists today in poor income housing projects all over America. Project people are the forgotten people, with that I think that is why he is the way he is today driven for the almighty dollar and to reach higher heights that are unimaginable for us regular working people. Yes I agree he should give back WAY more than he does especially towards where he came from. I agree with this forum in some ways, but I also know that Jay ‘s mentality today is never going back to the Projects. I also agree that he has to be more socially conscious of his business decisions; it’s not like he NEEDS more money.

  37. Anyone who knows anything about business should know that he’s obviously contractual obligated to fulfill the campaign. Please educate yourself before you blindly believe persuasively written opinions by blog writers who sell their souls for a paycheck.

  38. The reason why a lot of rappers use the “N” word is because that is what they are! I grew up around a lot of these thugs, drug dealers and Niggers; these rappers are no different, they’re simply niggers who sold drugs that are only concerned with displaying how “fat” their pockets are! That’s it, no more, no less.

  39. Great article. Well written and apropos of our current societal conundrum. I’ll go a step further and also include a vast majority of Blacks in the entertainment/corporate industries. I feel the same way about many actors/actresses who, on a weekly basis emphasise the upper crusted groveling that adds to our cultural and economic quagmire. However, we cannot excuse the parents, families and “emotional first responders” that have (in frustration and fear) relinquished their accountability. Turn these clowns OFF your radios while driving your kids. Shut the TV off when this mess comes on. Talk to your kids AND their friends AND their friends parents. Take back our spirits and re instill some pride. You may not get rich, but you CAN get respected.

    1. I think you are 100% spot on. Harry Belafonte involved himself in the waves of political change at a time when even the Presidents– Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson etc., were doing little except showing up for public relations opportunities. Belafonte was out there in the flesh, amid all the warts and scars of what was put in place for society and understands the turmoil, but can also see enormous possibilities for ALL Americans. I wish there were more entertainers who would do this, but I’m not sure where it will come from or if it will happen. Just my opinion folks. Thanks for reading my 2 cents.

      1. While I agree with the argument making reference to his drug dealing demises it. Their very few if any white millionaires and billionaires that have not engaged in illegal activities. So reference drug dealing you begin to sound self serving.

      2. I used to respect Jayz n Live all he I’d when he came back to the community on holidays n give back he don’t do that anymore. I thiught this racism. JAYZ would nor stand for. I don’t even buy his cds anymore nor my friends people get fame n forgot WHERE THEY COME HUM N His WIFE.

      3. There is a difference, my friend. His black wife left him after he was accused of being a communist because of his activism. He married who he fell in love with, but he NEVER abandon the fight for injustice to his people.

    2. awww stop ya whining; ya’ll have Kanye for that; and you hate him. He called out bush you hate; he called the big 3 and record execs; you hate. You never want to hear the truth; you just want your heads patted about how evil the “white man” is. do you buy black? I know few asians do; and most white don’t; but many black don’t also. Quit trying to make every dude with a dollar your big mouth; when you’re hating on the big mouthes you have.

      1. Kanye doesn’t represent for us in anyway… He’s just arrogant and self centered… There’s a difference and I highly doubt you would see Kanye out in a march for civil rights unless it’s to turn his already damaged ego around


      1. He does what he wants…fine but don’t act like you are doing something to help the larger black community. You can’t be “the man” and be “the activist” and it looks like he has chosen. I hope he has a change of heart because we are always looking for a hero.

  40. This article verbalizes the thoughts I have had about Jay-Z for quite some time. What a slap in the face for him to continue to do business with a company guilty of racial profiling. The Black community has made this man a god therefore he feels he has the right to do and say anything he pleases, even if it belittles the very community that made him a success!! I wish we would all take a stand against all Artists who continue to promote the thug lifestyle and who refer to their brothers as the N-word. Awesome article!!!

    1. donta i have been saying this before he did the barclays and when he did it he did not care about people losing their homes or that the kids down there need something to do not something they can barely afford to go to. he used bk as usual stating he was giving back to where he came from and that it would create jobs -that pay nothing comparedto what he is getting paid thank you. he dont care about bk he cares about his pockets but people want ti say i am a hater because i said that and then what did he say he made his money and he bounced. end of story. this right here with barneys which they would have done to him if he was not jay z when he was a little knucklehead on the corner not a big time drug dealer that he like to proclaim, shows exactly what i and others were saying so am i still a hater or a real person who does not have time for phoney people. what comes around goes around and the same people he is screwing are the same people he is going to see coming back down

      1. I agree with you Ms. Johnson. I bet Barney’s wouldn’t have sold Jay-Z line he wasn’t so mainstream. Its the law of nature “what goes up will come down”. I wonder, if Barneys going to there than.

    2. I agree they made him a god, which is a wrong on all levels. But just wait until
      the day when mainstream turn their backs on Jay and he come running back to the Black and Brown Communities.

  41. Jay-Z is what he is a business man a hustler. He never claimed to be a social activist. It would be nice if he was but he never claimed to be something that he is not. His main hustle is making music and that has led to marketing opportunities of products in other areas. The fact that we are even scolding him for not behaving in the manner we feel he should is putting him on a pedestal of other greats entertainers that were actually activist. Please don’t degreed will activist by putting Jay-Z in their some bucket.

    1. Ray Charles was a business man as well, but when the blacks were being treated bad in the south he walked away from performing in Atlanta, and took his lifetime ban for his people. Jay is a classy selfish ass business man, a true hustler gives back, he donates 6 grand to his own charity, wow where do that at…

      1. Who said a hustler gives back? Hell that’s what makes a person a hustler to begin with, they don’t give they take! Don’t try and romanticize the crook. People do that enough with the mob and mob wives and all that BS. A crook is a crook, he does for himself. Any giving is about an agenda, not a desire to do good from the heart.

    2. Great article.

      Its one thing to be a business man. Its another thing to stand up for what’s right. He can make money and do what he needs to raise money for charity without Barney’s.

    3. Great point! The scolding is an example of crabs in he barrel. When Michael Jackson was in his prime, he was ridiculed by blacks about everything that we thought he should be doing. Jay Z is not a politician or elected official with the responsibility of doing things based on the wants of the people, so let it be.

    4. The problem with your reasoning, Katherine, is that he DID claim to be a social activist. He did that the moment he started the charity he egregiously neglects (a charity he probably only started for the tax write-off purposes) AND the moment he condescended towards another activist (Belafonte) for expressing his opinions AS a social activist.

      I understand what you intended to do with your general point, excuse him of all responsibility (probably . . . LIKELY because you’re a fan of his music), but you only came off as a fanatic who didn’t actually read the article.

      Plain and simple, the second you start a charity, you are LITERALLY claiming to be a social activist, and you should therefore be receptive to you predecessors, not disrespectful.

    5. I agree with Ms. Hudson. He’s not an activist although it would be nice. I get it. He trys to promote himself as connected to his community and his people but he is so far removed that I dont know if he realizes it. His people are struggling they are in need of support rather it be social programs to deviate violence, teen pregnacy, drugs and etc, or taking a stand against any form of injustice to our community.

    6. Jay-Z calling Mr. Belafonte “boy” is more offensive than any of the other allegations. His lack of respect for those who paved the way for him to be able to do what he does now is maddening.

      He’s such an egomaniac. “Magna Carta Holy Grail”? He has never produced anything with the magnitude of importance of either of those historical items. The hubris is sickening.

      1. Clint…I just said the same exact thing to myself. Disrespecting Mr. Belafonte was horrible. If it wasn’t for Belafonte and Lena Horn, we wouldn’t know Jay-Z. He’s a Entertainment uncle Tom and its about money. He doesn’t give a damn about a charity or anything else, if it wasn’t for the people in the hood buying his music mainstream wouldn’t give two rat A$$ who he was. This man has made Millions and he’s making the entertainment billions, they don’t give a damn about Barney’s mistreating black or brown people.

        1. Harry B. was an actor and considered himself an activist. I agreed with some of the things he stood for, but looking in another man’s wallet and trying to dictate his business decisions, is at best inappropriate. Harry and Lena, has nothing to do with the success of JZ. Neither as an entertainer or as a business mongul. I don’t stand for Harry or JZ, I stand in the face of what’s real. This is America, if you has a problem with equality, then tell America to stop Bull sitting…..

    7. @Katherine, I agree. He just is not it. I did see him & his wife at a Trayvon Martin rally, which was nice, but I don’t think social activism is what he is about. This article sounds good to an extent, but she & Mr. Belafonte are wishing upon a star.. jay Z is not their man. He is ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$$$…..& the n word. Wrong dude. As for Barneys, I think he also is being wrongly blamed. He did say that he asked Barneys to create some type over board or something, so at least he is trying to set a wrong right. Every brown person does not represent me or speak for me & vice versa. we at some point need to stop w/all of this tribalism stuff. Your immediate family is about as close as one should go as far as expecting anything. After Sharpton & Belafonte & the like pass on, we as brown folks will be in a quandary anyway, unless we as individuals do not raise our own voices, & stop waiting for others to do it. Peace.

  42. People have the right to there opinions. But if you want to cast a stone, cast a stone at everyone, don’t just pick and choose. There are a lot of wealthy people in the same position but nobody is pointing the finger at them. Does anyone point the finger at wealthy Caucasian people for not uplifting there communities. IE….. Miley Cyrus , Britney Spears, Christina agulierra, pink…. Etc… They can have the same impact on people, after all they have followers also. But hey the goal is for all African Americans to bring each other down. Good job African Americans. Your doing great at destroying each other!!!!!

      1. Yes really. I know what I said I wrote it. Jay z don’t owe nobody shit!!!!! Neither does anybody else. You want to be heard become wealthy and let me know so I can criticize you.. Until then gtfoh!!!! You don’t know the truth and never will because you sweetheart are no one. Go boycott or something if you want to have your voice heard..

    1. If there was a black owned business, racially profiling white people- White folk would have the same conversation we are having now!!! Get out of here!

      1. Nope I could care less. People are going to be people. Nothing more nothing less. Do you protest police or congressman who racially profile….. No because you need there ass when you are in trouble….. Again gtfoh because no one knows the truth maybe if they went into a store looking like they had any class they wouldn’t of been profiled!!!!! You fit a profile then get mad when your chosen…. Dumbass!!!!!

      2. Maybe, but instead of criticizing JayZ, hit him where it counts. Don’t shop at Barney’s (albeit most of us don’t anyway), don’t buy his CDs, doing buy his clothing being offered at other retailers, leave him alone to wallow in his “greatness”. It’s his money, let him do what he wants, but it’s your money too so don’t spend your hard earned money to continue helping him make his.

      3. Ivw been racially profiled in a black owned business and im white…..I was told to take my craka honkey ass on somewhere….did I bitch and protest ….nope….I took my monet somewhere else…..playing the race card is what certain people want…..how do u think sharpton and jackson make their money……..martin luther king jr would hang his head in disgust at so called african american activists now a days….no one owes anyone anything no matter how muchibey they make…..dont like it change it…dont bitch

    2. That would make sense if whites were in the exact same situation that we are in. Rich whites do give back make no mistake about it. If Jay Z was Jewish and some company discriminated against Jews or were seen as “anti semitic” all hell would break loose and he would be ostracized.

      1. “they it real with the hood” And can you please tell me where he says that, he speaks of his story from the hood, he speaks of where he came from, His life, he never says I keep it real with my hood. that sweetheart is a misconception…. before you talk… Know… don’t think. have a great day sugar….

    3. And you said it in public, how embarrassing. Yes, we all know all the caucasians suffering from racism in America and all around the world…ugh give me a break! Somebody left the lid off the looney bin with this one! I just can’t with the deep seeded ignorance.

      1. I’m sure everything I wrote was spelled correctly and so is the spelling of my name IE grammatically correct. All of y’all are racist in some way so again I will say no one has the right to judge someone because he is not doing what you want he still going to sell records and clothes hahahaha get your money jay!!!! Loyal fan and business women here… Fuck whoever don’t like it…..what you eat don’t make him shit…..

      2. Everyone suffers from racism in one way or another, so don’t criticize one. Nobody’s racism is better than the other, so your looney ass can go get a life somewhere else. Now that is ignorance, because I stooped to your dumb ass level. but all in all have a great day beloved…… LOL

    4. What would be REALLY nice…….is if you could sound a little less ignorant……while you’re busy being totally ignorant in your comments. Try learning to spell correctly, Stacei.

    5. The irony of you comments, Stacie is “[insert successful African-American here] don’t owe nobody shit!” is the EXACT type of mindset that facilitates “[You’re] doing great at destroying each other!”

      The way some of you sycophants excuse the Black celebrities of their liking from all responsibility to the very community they have so much influence over is a cancerous phenomenon.

      Even more asinine is how wrong you are about him (and his ilk) not owing his own community “shit!”

      See, if we dismissed his music as bullshit early in his career, rather than SUPPORTING him, he would be just another clown with a drum machine and a mixer at his mom’s house or — in his case — he’d be in a prison somewhere for the possession and distribution of illegal narcotics.

      The way some of you blindly worship celebrities is embarrassing.

      1. I worship business. If you listened to the way of the world people would always be broke. Try living the dream for a second. Who looks out for you when your in need?? Not the same people saying jay z pull your line….are they going to feed you… I doubt it, they can’t even imagine what that life is about. So on a lighter note… Fuck them and maintain business.. By any means…..

      2. Brilliantly stated. The real enemy lies within. How do you generate $63 million for a charity and donate $6000??? That’s borderline criminal. Jay-Z is a musical Don King…another in a long line of shucksters who suckered naive black folk into business by claiming to be about what’s best for them. I give him credit, he’s taken a big page from the playbook of many non-blacks in America.

      3. Alexander Banks, your comments on Stacie are on point. (Stacie, obviously you’re a person of little education and lacking in exposure to the world outside of ghetto-fabulous, so people should not expect much out of your line of thinking.) Jay-Z is one of those “but-not-for” kind of rappers…but not for promoting a stereotype of blackmales in the 1990s, and pushing black males into the prison system, and his love for money (an idol woshipper)…he would still be living in his momma’s house with a “B” wantabe… Your closing remarks need to be said over and over again, not unlike a mantra for our ghetto-fabulous folks: The way some of you blindly worship celebrities is embarrassing (and assinine).

  43. If Jay-Z was a regular 9-5 black man with no street credibility (as if that impresses open minded and educated blacks) doing business with Barney’s he would be called every kind of sell-out in the book!!!

  44. We we even spend so much energy on these clowns aka rappers. Let’s talk about real hip hop artist like mos def ( Yasiin Bey) and KRS One. I don’t ever envision jay z volunteering to be force fed to protest human rights violations committed by our government against detainees at Guantanamo bay. And why are people so upset with Obama he ain’t running this country he is the equivalent of Samuel Jackson’s character in Jhango. He just another boy that does what his massa tell him do like a good lil boy suppose too.

    1. I agree the legends have made the stand for change..jay z stating his presence is his charity confirmed mynew thoughts of him..my previous thoughts of the entertainer saw a young african American man with talent and great business sense…now I c the typical rags to riches still charging his fans their rent money,their children’s food money to buy his concert tickets!! At this point his concerts and his wife’s concerts should be FREE…FREEDOM!!!SEEMS THEY HAVE 4GOT!!

    2. I knew there could not be a conversation on here without mentioning President Obama, and he do not have anything to do with this. Who in their right mind would listen to J-zay anyway. The dude cannot even rap. That just shows how stupid ppl can be. Everything in this country has to be about black or white.

  45. Great article! I straddled the fence on this subject for a while but this was the nail in the coffin for me. We are long gone from the days of Nina Simone and Ray Charles who understood that principle trumped any and everything else. If only we could use our voices and really be the change we want to see in the world. Jay Z has cross over appeal and he has everything he needs to create the dialogue but he chooses not to. It’s sad and a slap in the face in a sense. Just wait ’till concert time comes… $100+ for one ticket and we fall for it hook, line and sinker. Best way to hurt anyone whether it be these artists, Barney’s or whomever else is to hit them in their pockets. Period!

    1. Totally agree! We don’t expect them to change the world but bringing change to our communities whether it’s economic, or social is a step closer to ending disparities.

    2. I definitely agree with the statement about hitting him in the pockets. Oftentimes, that’s the only way to get folks’ attention. I have never purchased any of his albums or concert tickets and that goes for his wife as well. And I don’t plan to…

  46. This is a great article. I am glad people are finally starting to see the truth about Jay-Z and many others like him. They claim they care about the community until it is going to hit their pockets, then they’re like “No Comment”. I am so glad Mr. Harry Belafonte called his bluff a few months ago. I believe that is why people were paying such close attention to this Barney’s story. Now we know what Jigga truly stands for….the almighty dollar and not his community. Maybe we should show his the same love he shows us by not buying his music, tickets to his concerts or supporting any of his other business ventures.

  47. As if the illuminati conspiracies weren’t enough, now he doesn’t do enough for his own race. Black people are something else.

    1. Exactly!!! If you feel passionate about a cause, do something about it and stop looking for someone else to make the change you want to see. JayZ is demonized because he is successful and takes risks that slaved minded people are afraid to do for themselves.

  48. Wonderfully written and so on point. As a former crown heights native I know oh to well about Jay and his greed! He really rarely shows any support without having some sort of financial gain for himself. Mr Belafonte is in my opinion is correct.


  50. Jay-Z owes me NOTHING. It is OUR jobs as parents and grown ups to raise and correct our children. I always say if you are looking to our entertainers for social guidance then you already lost. What Jay-Z eats does not fill my belly. Folks kill me holding others responsible for their success. Jay-Z did his thing and got rich. He is no different than the Kennedys, DuPonts and the like. I don’t use the n-word, it is not allowed in my house and MY children, family and friends KNOW this. STOP idolizing him. We have a nasty habit of building folks up just to tear them down. Don’t shop at Barney’s, don’t buy his music and don’t go to his concerts. Stop supporting him economically. It’s that simple.

    1. True statement but this is more about taking a stand for your community not some much as giving money back….if that was someone in his family or him that was racially profiled he would have plenty to say….it’s plenty of racist people that do business everyday but when they slap you in the face with it and you don’t take a stand shame on you…..

    2. Skdamc, I’m glad you have it together and can do so for your kids. Kudos, but that sounds a little selfish. No Jay-Z don’t owe any of us anything nor what he eats fills our belly but he can sure aid in making communities better by participating in social change especially for those that looks up to him and don’t have what you have (will power & determination) Yea, real talk! What about those that don’t due to lack of parental guidance due to drugs, incarceration, absenteeism. There are kids raising themselves because their patents are not there; and if they are there they are tuned out due to some sort of mental illness (it real). Kids starts fending for themselves, which in-turn creates gangs becoming a burden on our communities. Look around, how many young-AA men and women runs into conflict with the law before their 18 birthday. It’s not by chance. Yes AA celebrities such as those mentioned in the article and many more can aid in this consensus of social change especially for our marginalized youths who aren’t fortunate as you are mentally.

      1. It’s not selfish. Its the REAL WORLD. You sound like such a bleeding heart. Jay Z doesn’t owe you. Again, rappers are not there to raise your kids. There is no sweet, pull at the heart strings way to put it. Nice try though.

    3. It’s not about holding anyone accountable or idolizing. I’ve never built Jay Z up not do I plan on participating in tearing him down. In order for people to know that their are those that stand contrary to their beliefs, we need informative pieces such as this to help us to make those choices. When I read articles such as these, I can make some serious choices. Two being, where I spend my money and what type of discussions I will be having with my children. Just because you don’t allow something in your house, doesn’t mean it is or readily available to children so the discussion needs to be had. My hope is that when one of my children finds themselves in situation dealing with goes against our belief system, they too can make an “informed” decision rather than going with crowd. What I do NOT believe in is walking past someone in need with the attitude of “I got mine”. When we say things like “that’s his choice, he shouldn’t be held accountable for picking up someone else along the way” then we are no better then those that only worry about themselves. We are promoting and installing into our children the very same thing we claim to be against. If you want you children to have this very same outlook on life, I say go for it…but stop reading and commenting because it sounds like you do care about the very thing you claim not to.

  51. Thank you so much for this article. We need to wake up and take accountability for our own actions. When black people “come up” we do take on a leadership role, whether we want it or not. It is time to cultivate more conscious minded individuals.

  52. Ok. Seems Jay-Z has been recognized and stingy for some years now. A money hungry business man who doesn’t have giving on his mind while he is getting it. Ok. Accept that this man don’t really care or keep sitting here pointing at him calling out what he doesn’t do. I’m not a fan of his music……so I don’t listen to it. I don’t sit and have discussions with the fellas all the time explaining why he’s not an awsome rapper to me. Let’s start recognizing rappers and other celebrities WHO ARE giving back. Shine light on them. Let’s give them praise instead of calling out folks. It’s like we are trying to force Jay-Z to be caring and giving. Let God judge.

  53. Let’s not just rally against Jay-Z, but against all of the “superstars” of athletics, music and business who do not make significant contributions to uplifting through positive role-modeling for our people. This means not using language that degrades blacks and other people of color, promoting a criminal mentality that destroys black folks over drugs and murder, and individuals who have countless children abandoned with father figures. We have lots of issues that have fallen to the wayside due to the quest for dollars and not self-respect and self-esteem. Harry Belafonte has been and continues to be a true pillar for civil rights. Jay-Z and his wifey can never stand toe-to-tow with our past activists and will continue to promote the worst of reasons for doing what they do…selling the souls of black people for dollars. Don’t they know you can’t take it with out, but the weight of selling souls travels with them.

  54. Jay z is doing for the 80%
    He’s not doing for the people that don’t buy his product.
    And why should he .
    He’s just a man.
    No more no less .
    we did not make him a god
    The 80% that buys his product worship him.

  55. Jay Z is just a hypocrite and a pretender but black folks should not be surprised of his action. It’s all about making dollars and remaining marketable. Luv his music but that’s just it. These guys aient no role models unlike Mr. Belafonte. They can make a bigger difference and impact to our social causes however we shouldn’t expect then too because of the greedy culture we live in. Great article and I do hope our people wake up!

  56. Jay-Z needs to respect his elders. Mr. Belafonte has been on the front lines of civil & social activism for decades. If it wasn’t for pioneers like Mr. Belafonte & others….Jay-Z wouldn’t be where he is today. Do more your community. Remember the one you used to sell drugs in.

    1. Please! Belafonte had NOTHING to do with his success. Was Belafonte on the phone negotiating deals for him? please chill with your symbolism and hidden jealousy.

    2. The very fact that he used to sell drugs in his own community speaks volumes. He’s apparently never cared about giving to his comnity, only taking at the expense and dradation of his people. So now he has just continued to ignore his own for that almighty dollar. Drugs destroy people and neighborhoods, and yet he brags about his drug slinging days. He is just oa line of prominent AA WHO remain silent on important issues that affect our communities.
      Heard an interesting discussion by Jim Brown and others who called out one very, very prominent basketball player on this very same issue!

  57. Excellent article. How dare he refer to this elderly gentleman as “boy?” Has he learned nothing about his history or the powerful opportunity to speak and stand for truth before the masses that many of us never receive? Hmmmm.. History is a teacher from whom he has learned nothing. One can only hope is that while he chooses self-denial in favor of physical comfort, that history doesn’t repeat itself at his or someone he love’s expense.

  58. I don’t agree with everything Jay does but this article while factual is still misleading and short-sighted. The specific charity that Jay-Z partnered with Barney’s goes to send millions of dollars into a scholarship funds for poor minorities in Brooklyn and other parts of NY so they can pay for college. It doesn’t matter how much he puts into his own charity as long as the charity itself does what it is supposed to do. While he only donated $6000 into his own charity in 2011 I believe he donated 2.3 million into other charity. I agree with Skdamc he owes me nothing and we hold him and others like him to a higher standard than we do ourselves and our own neighbors. Do you correct your friends and family when they do things that are counterproductive to black people. How much money do you actually spend in the black community? Do you really stop spending money with brands and stores that have a history of mistreating us or companies backing politicians who past legislations that are not in our best interest for the most part? We know as much about what goes on with these people’s financial lives as your neighbor knows about what goes on in yours. I give my time and money to charities that help others… hell I run a foundation that is dedicated to that but someone looking at a small portion of my finances would never know. Lets stop holding entertainers to a higher standard than we do the people we see everyday.

    1. Thank you! If I stopped shopping/giving money to a company just because something happened at one of their establishments that I didn’t like/agree with… Well, I’d be homeless and hungry.

  59. I suppose it is difficult for young people to fathom the fact that Jay-Z and those like him are bought and sold by the power brokers just like slaves with what appears to be a lavish lifestyle. These people are major distractions so that the greater issue in this country is ignored…and indeed it has to do with racism, colonialism, human rights violations, genocide, involuntary slavery, apartheid, and blatant and deliberate economic disparities. These conditions exist in America for indigenous and minority peoples because these people are not aware of their standing, their human rights nor their economic potential. Our standing as indigenous people in America is that we have a legitimate claim on the land and the resources according to the provisions of international law and international human rights law. But here in America instead of our young people learning such things about their freedom and heritage, individuals like a Jay-Z are thrust into their face to keep them confused about truth and honor and who they really are.

  60. The problem in America is that unfortunately people will look up to the ones with money and fame regardless of who they are. A drug dealer will help the very community that he is poisoning with his drugs and everyone will say “he is a good man” not realizing the real motive. The best way to see real person is when you see them give up something they need as oppose to something they have in abundance

  61. My mind is conditioned to the fact that I’m responsible for what I say not for what you hear. People react according to how they feel. You can’t control how other people are going to act.

  62. Thank you for writing this piece. The information you shared about Jay Z is not common knowledge and it makes me think twice about continuing to support him. While I can respect his business prowess, he is turning his back on the people that originally got him there – before he went commercial. Time will determine how the public ultimately responds.

  63. The article is spot on. I wonder where Jay-Z learned this behavior from…Oh that’s right! He learned it from Micheal Jordan. If I am correct, while in his prime Micheal Jordan was asked about his political views etc etc. His response: Republicans buy shoes too….

    1. That is the BBplayer I was referring to who was called out by Jim Brown. If he was silent when he was marrieds first wife, you know he has it in Mute now that he is “remarried”

  64. When are we going to establish viable entities whereas our celebrities can form partnerships with them? That is the key. Society gives you nothing. We must take what we want in a strategic fashion. Stop all the talk and get busy!! This blog makes it seem that we are enslaved and unable to create and do for ourselves. We are more than capable. Present a plan instead of complaints about what Jay Z is doing.

    1. Babies CRY. That’s what they do. So they will keep crying about how Jay won’t give them a cut of HIS money. I agree with your point though.

  65. I don’t think anyone means that Jay Z owes anyone anything. I agree with the article in a lot of areas though. This is not complicated. If I made a lot of money selling doughnuts, that’s the line of work I’m in, I may not be a AL Sharpton or any other civil rights leader but I will never be okay with someone degrading my race in any way. It doesn’t matter where I know them personally or not. I will never be okay with that. If I am a millionaire and someone degrade my race, how could I not see that whoever did that, is referring to me also without my millions. People please. Everyone is entitled to their own comment but a lot of them are just ways of JUSTIFYING things. Sure, Jay Z and whoever else has a right to not want to defend their race, but don’t mislead people to think you are pro-black. I am strictly going off the article. My opinion and thoughts.

    1. Jay-Z was demonized for taking a non-knee jerk approach like we can typically do sometimes. He said… let me find out through the court system if this company is guilty of these allegations. That is what someone intelligent does… that is one reason he is successful because he thinks and he is calculating. The author mislead you about what he spends on his charity while he still spends millions of dollars in other people’s charity. People need to stop worrying about Jay-Z because no one knows how he is spending his money. He has paid for a lot of poor blacks to go to college. Unless we have a record of people’s finances we have no clue of what they spend with their money and time. An article can’t tell you that.

  66. Reblogged this on C-Haze77… and commented:
    I have never been a fan of Jay-Z, for the same reasons detailed in this blog. I try to raise my beautiful-black-women-in-training to understand the same points this author is making. Great post.

  67. The Black community is the most forgivable & forgettable and it never works in our favor! Black communities for years has guided Black athletes, Rap stars, Black Movie stars and highly successful Blacks in the talk show circuit and what do we get in return,..you guess it “NADA!” All of these groups from Oprah to Jay Z, has you Black pain telling their stories to the masses and once the press go away, back to business as usual. Look at Oprah, she propped up 5 white people for shows and not once propped up a Black Professional for a show, but it’s funny watching her all of a sudden playing the Black victim to push a movie and que the numbers 5,4,3,2, 1 and she won’t mention black again! It’s also comical watching Rap stars live in Mansions, not having a clue how to fill one up or fill up a fridge, because they’re perpetrating, living phony! Our people are suffering and you rarely see our people that got rich comeback with investment, besides a chicken joint! I’m talking about true investing for a return not only in future monies but also in Black life showing the world blacks can swing a big stick in the business world, all we have now is Minstrel Black entertainers.

  68. This artilce is well written with good intentions.However to think that JayZ can pull out of a business deal with Barney’s that was signed month’s before the racial profiling incident occurred is very naive of the writer and readership.You have no idea what the ramifications and lawsuits of that action would create.I feel the timing of the incident coincided with the delivery of the Jayz Collection gave the naysayers an opportunity to speak out against Jay Z.Racial profiling in department stores has been an ongoing saga for generations.Instead of critizing JayZ we should encourage him to open discussions with the National Retail Federation as well as Barney’s and Macy’s to have an open forum to discuss Racial Profiling in their stores to find a solution.This problem is larger than these few incidents that have been publicized.Security is trained to seek out blacks like every other law enforcing agency in America.However department stores were one of the first corporations to offer credit to African Americans in the 50’s.Blacks in America have been and will continue to be strong supporters of department stores.We are some of the largest consumers of designer brands,store brands,celebrity and the like.We continue to believe if we can sport the latest and most expensive that we become better then the Black majority and accepted by whites.Let’s not forget that America rules capitalism.Every major designer in the world is here to capitalize on the American people.Black people are the first in line to consume the merchandise.We are the last to support Black owned businesses.Black Leaders and Celebrity don’t invest in black business in the way that Will and Jada Smith did with Carol’s Daughter.Black Designers and entreprenuers need financing and investing to have our own.If every African-American donated $10 to a fund to build a black owned retail store representing products made for all by us that would provoke change in our position in America.People come to America from all over the world and create businesses because they pool their resources.They understand what entreprenuership means to economic success in America.We fall short.Our biggest problem is we do not celebrate and support each other.We are Slaves without Masters.The majority of Blacks continue to believe that White is better and best.Thanks to the opression of our people by the white power structure.We have to establish ownership in all walks of life.Essence is white owned.The Apollo theater is white owned.Carson hair products are white owned.Ownership is key to economic success.Let’s begin to create statigic alliances that build Black Business in America.In the spirit of MadamC.J.Walker and John Johnson let’s make progress in ownership in America.

  69. Jamie Foxx said it better when he asked Mr. Harry Belafonte how could he do more for his people and community and Mr. Belafonte set a dinner date with Jamie Foxx. When the day came for him to meet with Mr. Belafonte Jamie Foxx demanded his daughter to go with him and told her this will be apart of history for you and I . At the dinner date Jamie Foxx daughter asked Mr Belafonte how old was he and he replied I’m 86 years old and he asked her how old was she and she replied 19 years. He asked her was she in college and she replied yes and etc and she then in returned asked Mr Belafonte what were you doing when you were my age? Mr Belafonte replied at 19 I just got home from WWII fighting 2 wars and i was on my way to the jail with all the money I made in the military to yes it to bail out Dr. Martin Luther King. At that point Mr Jamie Foxx said he broke down in tears. And Jamie said Mr Belafonte you and the great Dr. Martin Luther King fought got our rights with no money in your pockets broke so we could do the things that we are doing now.

    Mr Harry Belafonte told Jay Z that he will be called upon his people one day and that day came sooner than he thought and told him since you have the money me and Martin didn’t have you and Beyoncé could do wonders for your people me and Martin fought for your rights broke.

    Jay Z respect your elder and your disrespectful mouth came back to bite you in the ass. Your opportunity came to take a stand with your people and you didn’t.

    Mr Harry Belafonte was right

    1. Mr. Belafonte later said that he was also wrong and he should have sat down with Jay-Z and discussed community issues with him. He stated he understood how his statements could have come across wrong especially with the media. Mr. Belafonte is a class act any way.

  70. Interesting Article.

    I like the idea of not expecting anyone (Negro, Caucasian or what have you) to be looked at as role model. That said, I remain a firm believer that to whom much is given, much is expected. As such, society is part to blame because its filters for those in position of influence has been faulty since time immemorial.

    My reaction to the Jay-Z issue is to leave him be rather that paint him in a negative lite because it is so hard for Negroes to make it in a racially charged society that worships Money.

    Just as Mr. Belafonte can say whatever he wants; Jay-Z is free to act as he sees fit–its America.


  71. Excellent article and excellent take by both the authoress and the well-respected and constantly committed Harry Belafonte. Had Mr. Belafonte not spoken out and marched along with other civil rights leaders, Jay-Z might still be selling crack on the corner, or worse yet, dead from stealing from another crack dealer. He’s have NEVER been able to sell a thing in Barney’s…only out of the back of his Cutlass! To call Mr. Belafonte “boy” is like calling Dr. King “whatshisname”. Assh*le!

  72. just to add my two cents, jayz doesnt owe anyone anything! it wld have been “nice” if he had taken a more socially involved stance, but he has no obligation to anyone. furthermore there are countless people who canshould have a spotlight on them (maybe) ex. michael jordan, lebron james, pres. obama..etc. the truth is, once wealth and fame are obtained most wont give it up (and make no mistake you will give it up) if they were to take a socially active role. basically im saying we all want equality but dont want to take the responsibility in our own hands. if barneys is profiling black people cause they feel we shouldnt shop there or cant afford to shop there, and if it offends you(as it should) dont shop at barneys. thats the beauty of choice. sad thing is most of those people only shopped there because jayz or someone famous shops there and only want to be on the “in” crowd. so you get what your hand calls for. now your famous!!! if you dont want to be profiled dont shop there, if you dont want pizza dont go to little ceasars!!! also, dont get mad at someone because they wont take a stance. YOU take the stance!!! thats how change starts. and dont support people who dont support your interests. Bottom line!!!

    1. just to add, harry belefonte is a present day icon of what fearlessness stands for and should be treated as such. just wish more people wld take a stand on there own instead of waiting for some “leader or public figure” to say something. i have personally stood out for injustice on a much more smaller scale and have bitten the bullet everytime because most wont stand up. but thats what i feel is right and will continue to do so.. but to “force ” someone else to get involved because of their social status is not the answer. take initiative. “if we knew better we would do better”

  73. I once seen a movie in where the actor says the one who has the most toys at the end of their life is the winner.well it seems all these people subscribe to this theory and it’s ok you should do what ever you need to do in life to achieve greatness and provide for you and yours if everyone did and relayed on their own efforts we all would be better off.i can’t blame Jay-z ,Michael Jordan ,Oprah,Russell Simons or anyone else for that matter for not having they don’t oppress us we oppress ourselves why would you stand out in the streets for a pair $400.00 sneakers but your family is struggling to pay rent your child needs diapers and milk.now that seems crazy and we all have the hustle gene so why is it some have and some don’t trapped in that hood state of mind.a month from now it will be 2014 when are we gonna stop playing the race card the class card shit happens black,white,latino ,asian and other we all get pegged for something at sometime in our lives we have choices in life and we forget that this country was built on others backs Indians,Asians,Blacks Latinos and Whites so instead of telling people that they should not associate or do business with a group of people because someone in the company may be a fascist or racist seems to me like a crock system because thats just another hustle if i do business with Gucci and i’am in the public and our main comp is dolce and gabana and someone has a bad experience at Gucci i should jump ship and stop making my chips because of this nonsense these companies are all the same the bottom line is money in the 1990’s timberland came out and said the clothing they made where targeted for the hunters,outdoors man ,weekend warriors i was raised in Jacob riis projects and my friends and i did not fit any of those categories but we still rocked timberland like they where not saying (basically we make our clothing for rednecks not for urban niggas) but we said will show them i’m buying ten pairs of timbs.so lets stop being ignorant if you want to support a store a brand a person do it if you feel that’s what you want to do don’t let some lobbyist sway you with their beliefs just remember all these superstars and business people are millionaires and billionaires they have a different objective in lives they our no longer in our class we have to accept that they no longer live where we live so how can you control what anyone does when your neighbors don’t even say good morning and there 20ft from your door.and as far as building black businesses thats a joke we never support our own we build up to teardown.i when people say build black businesses they act like if i open any different the same obstacles are there if i catch a one of my own stealing and hand them over to the police now everyone will come out and want to boycott me i’m an uncle tom i got to big for my own good well there are no hand outs there no freebies i’m a half black half latino male 46 years old living modestly own a small business and yes i’m from the hood but moved out as fast as could because as i seen nothing has changed in the hood as far mentally dreamers abut not doers. SO IN CLOSING JAY-Z IS GONNA GET HIS CHIPS AND I TIP MY HAT TO HIM FOR NOT BUCKLING TO PRESSURE THE LESSON HE SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT EVERYONE IS WORK HARD AND YOUR REWARDED STAY IN YOUR AND DON’T LET NOONE TAKE WHAT’S RIGHTFULLY YOURS PEOPLE JUST WANT TO USE YOU FOR THEIR OWN AGENDAS PICK YOUR BATTLES YOU CAN’T FIGHT EVERY WAR FAMILY AND SELF PRESERVATION .

    1. Well, I do support my black businesses. I think it was LIz Claiborne back in the 80 or so that said that her clothing line was not for blacks, only whites, well guess what? She can take her clothing line and stuff it. It is my decision and I will not support anybody like that. If you have the gust to come out like that so do I. I do not need your clothes, I will support other people , and in the process I hope your clothing line do not make it.

      1. The funny thing timberland,liz claiborne,tommy,perry ellis,gucci,louie they’ve all expressed their dislike for us and we still support them don’t get it twisted we put more money in these peoples pockets then the rich do . celebrities usually get stuff for free and ware labels that we probably never heard of. Again me or you are not gonna make a difference when you got ignorant robots . little wayne drink syrup on stage,other cat rapping about popping molly’s this generation has more problems then just racial. Education on them streets make better choices drop the gun and pick up the books.The problem isn’t white america or rich people it’s sagging pants,getting pregnant at twelve ,smoking and drinking with your parents.Mom chilling at club with children fathers acting more hood then there kids.So before you tell me why you won’t support them or me answer this question how many of us made a difference in our homes today in our neighborhoods,our community .Did you speak to a youth today or their parent on how they can get ahead did you help someone with resume today if the answer is no then how can you ask of someone else to pick up where you haven’t even started.I no hypocrite i don’t pretend to be perfect but my race will not determine my actions if i feel comfortable somewhere i’m gonna continue to go there this not 30’s 40’s 50’s or 60’s we all have the right of choice and if your next statement (well people for that right) yes they did an we keep slapping them in the face with are behaviors this generation has not done anything to even measure . This generation has a sense of entitlement so before we pull the race card let start cleaning our yards and get dirty and then and only then ask of others because saying to me has been (NEVER ASK SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING YOU WOULD’NT DO FIRST) I’M NO INTERNET THUG OR BULLY I JUST FEEL WE HAVE LOST OUR WAY AND ARE QUICK TO CAST BLAME ON OTHERS .FATHERS ,MOTHERS, TEACHERS ,PREACHERS ,POLICEMAN, FIREMAN ,AND COMMUNITY STAND UP .WHERE THE FIRST LINE OF LEARNING LET’S GO BACK TO TIME WHERE EACH PERSON IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THERE ACTIONS AGAIN IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE IT’S UP BRINGING.IF YOU WANT TO DISCUSS IN DETAIL AND HAVE A CIVIL DISCUSSION HIT ME 561-386-6746 GRAFFITI ICONZ INC

  74. Jay Z as he states “grew up with roaches & rats” he mastered the art of connecting with the masses through his thoughts & experiences delivered by music. This success has made his ventures money magnets, like many who gain both fame & fortune he has to navigate social opinion & operate between being Jay Z & Sean Carter. I will not judge his actions on what I think he should or should not do, most people never do anything & sit on the sidelines screaming the loudest. There are so many people who never become successful at anything who are not helping anyone. If just 10% of the people who voice their concerns regarding this & other matters affecting the social rhythm of the U.S. Would put in action as opposed to mainly talking from behind their cubicles their would be change.

  75. Same here. These people get money from the poor, but have no intentions of losing money ( or financial gain) to support the same people ( fan base) who made them millionaires. Hence, why I will NEVER buy their CDs. They only care about themselves. Not a fan!

  76. Once we all…ALL realize we have to take personal responsibility for our choices, actions, in our lives….Then things will change. Jay-Z will battle his own demons some day I suppose. Using Star Power to create change…it helps…but if you truly want change…It starts with you, me…and everyone else on this planet. Take Personal responsibility for your actions. I don’t need Jay-z to stop selling anything…I DON’T Shop a Barney’s…Why not because of Jay-Z…Because of Barney’s profiling…Jay-Z made the choice .

  77. First off let me say that I don’t agree with Jay Z about the whole Barneys situation . He has stated before he is a BUSINESS MAN not a role model so there for you can’t expect him to be anything else BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. If your a successful business man or women you know that you will have to step on toes lose few friends to get to where you want to be. There has NEVER been ANY SUCCESSFUL businessman or women in the world that didn’t get to where they are now without CONTROVERSY it just wont happen. As for Mr Belafonte I think he was wrong on how he handled the situation. lets take the celebrity status away from both Jay Z and Harry Belafonte and look at them as everyday citizens for a minute (as they should be) So Mr Belafonte has a problem with Jay Z and wishes to voice his opinion about it So he goes to the media and calls out HIM AND HIS WIFE. This is WRONG on so many levels and heres why First of all If you have a problem, with ANY MAN you talk to him NOT call out him and his wife and expect everything to be cool. You just dont do that so Mr Belafonte deserved what ever he got from Jay Z on those grounds. Mr Belafonte is no saint when it comes to business himself. How can you have the BALLS to take the king family to court over some documents MLK gave you so you can sell them. If anything you should be willing ready to give them to the king family to preserve a piece of black history. I wonder what he plans to do with the money he gets from those documents if he wins?

  78. Jay Z gives to charity and that’s not good enough. So its not really about giving back. Its pure jealousy and folk with the “where mine brother” attitude. GTFOOH.

    1. Jay-Z made $60+ million dollars and gave $6,000 to his own charity? I make six-figures annually and gave more than that to charity last year. Jay-Z is a chump. #shawncarter

      1. Jay Z is a pimp, I’ve been saying it for years… and like my Dad would say “I know a Pimp when I see one” ………what’s the difference with now and what he used to do on the street? Geography.

      2. You are right!! I was waiting for someone to mention that before I speak my mind on JZ, $ HA $6 grand to what you earn JZ? W T F? and Harry was RIGHT!!

    2. Stop your ignorance, please. Just because you like to listen to his music doesn’t mean you should fall victim to Jay-z hype.

    3. I don’t think its jealousy, but I think that someone with so much doesn’t need barneys to help with his charity cause.
      A lot of people look to celebrities to be the voice that will be heard and some answer the call while others act like the problems don’t exist. If it wasn’t for people like Harry Belofonte and others like him Jay-Z and so many other black celebrities would still be coming in the back door to perform at venues. Everyone is entitled to their own view and their own way of handling things but his reaction to this comes off a little cheap. Large corporation drop their affiliation to celebrities for smaller things than this because it’s bad press, it associates them with something that is wrong and gives them a bad name. Jay-Z knows that Blacks are not the ones most likely to buy these clothes so he could really give two craps and that’s what he should have said. Keep it real

    4. It is regrettable that you think this way. Often times, people forget how their wealth is attained. It is usually on the backs of the middle to lower income bracket who look to them for inspiration. Not realizing that artist or public figure who rises to the top don’t always embrace the concept of giving back. Sad but it is the reality.

    5. Jay Z is a pimp, I’ve been saying it for years… and like my Dad would say “I know a Pimp when I see one” ………what’s the difference with now and what he used to do on the street? Geography.

      1. Bingo!

        Jay-Z can’t boycott or sever ties with “racist” organizations when HE represents EVERYTHING that causes black men to be profiled in the first place. THAT would be hypocritical and laughable. Someone who glorifies black stereotypes getting mad because a fan falls victim to those VERY stereotypes. Please! He’s doing EXACTLY what he should. Keeping his horse mouth shut and pimping those dumb enough to keep him rich.

    6. Its enough not to make real difference, with as much affluence as he has, he could do more good, and gain a new fan base, which would include folks like me. I have more respect for Tupac a dead man than I do for a-jz. The one good thing about this is we get to see his TRUE color GREEN.

      1. We cant get upset with jz. We all have the freedom to do eith our money what we choose. If u dont like his ways then simply do not support him.we need to teach our children who they should look to as a role model… just because someone obtains fame and fortune does not mean they are good role models for our children. His goal was to make alot of money and he has been successful at that and as long as he is happy with what he has accomplished…. thats between him and God. I need to concern myself with what I am doing to make this world a better place and not the next man, because even though I dont have his wealth, there is dtill plenty of selfless good that I can do for those in my community.

      1. I agree with ernie, just because he has money doesn’t mean he now has to be an activist. The writer is quick to point out that jay-z sold crack to put him down, is this seriously someone you want as an activist, had she known him when he was selling crack (which he could have been making tons of money at the time also), I don’t see her writing this article about him, she would not have wanted him to be an activist on anything but now that he has fame and barney’s line, he owes you something?? Come on, if he wasn’t an activist when he wasn’t famous, it probably wasn’t something he was into. He’s a business man, that’s it. He can do whatever he wants with his money. We need to find activists and role models that want to make a change and look up to them.

    7. The KLAN gives to charity. so…..What does harry have to be jealous over? jay z types dont SEE 80 yrs old. he will be dead by 55. Or in jail. You see, BLACKS HAD CLASS…they didnt go on stages and snatch awards out the hands of others, like kanye, they dont kick men on the ground in hotel lobbys with their friends, like 2pac. They didnt shoot at one another at awards shows, like BET awards. AND THEY WERE RICH FOR THEIR TIME, and FAMOUS FOR THEIR TIME, like THIS man is. By the way, remove beyonce, and who would give a fruty patoodie about jay-z?

    8. Seriously, you think Jay-Z gives to charity for any other reason than tax purposes? A selfish drug dealing thug that uses the same skills he used to survive with his street business, he is currently using to make it in legitimate business. Anytime a common criminal “changes”, his life everyone (or mostly everyone), thinks a story of over coming. It could be a great thing but here’s a man that thinks it’s OK to demean his people with derogatory language, he doesn’t know his African American history and I find it insulting that our children think it’s cool to look up to a rich but very ignorant man.

  79. Harry Belafonte has his ideals and lived his life the way he wanted to. JayZ never approached Harry and asked for advice nor did he sign up to be the NEW AGE Harry Belafonte. Live and Let people live for crying out loud. There are plenty of black celebrities who are continuing the legacy of Harry Belafonte and others before him. If he really wanted to encourage JayZ to help more, he should have approached him privately and not try to SHAME him into doing more. This fiasco at Barney’s was something that has been happening in many stores over the years to high profile blacks (Oprah) and normal everyday blacks. For Jay to cancel the deal, would have helped NO One. Im not here to defend his business deals and neither should he. Just saying trying to compare those two men who come from different lives, and expect one to follow the other’s footsteps is unfair.

    1. This is were ignorance lies right here in this statement. Without the Harry Belafontes of the world, there would be no JayZs of the world. It’s the Harry Belafontes that have paved the way for the latest African American singers, rappers, actors and actresses. Know your history before making such a general accusation about what you don’t know!!!

      1. This is what I know…. Harry B. has been around almost a century, yet I’ve seen no change for the better in black america. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, pick their their fights carefully, that they may not go out like MLK, MX and the Panthers. Harry is a better actor than an activist and needs to really focus on what he can do as an individual to make things better in black america, as opposed to down grading an individual for his personal business decisions. Harry can do black america more justice by attacking the catholic priest that have been molesting our children. Like usual that’s not a good fight to pick, another soft batch cookie…

    2. The article clearly took jayz to task on his word. Don’t think for a second that jays won’t extort money in the name of charity for his own greed. Yes, he does have money but what Mr. Belefonte said was, why support something that doesn’t support you. He goes on to say, the people that made him rich are the very people that Barney’s are profiling all of whom are black. Know for sure, Mr. Belefonte is a sharp brutha who jayz could stand stand to gain knowledge from. Nobody said he had to follow in Mr. Belefonte’s but, if there hadn’t been Mr. Harry Belefonte, there would not have been a jayz. Ijs

      1. That was well said . If people stop supporting these rappers by not buying there music and downloading there song and attending there concerts . They will see what the average person can go thru , and everybody know when black kids stop doing thing all the other races follow , because its no longer the in thing . Support ypur charity Jay Z . And put your clothes where ypur people are welcome .

      2. I agree. Artist need to remember their history. It used to be a time in America when black artist couldn’t perform in the south and if they did, they had to come through the back door and weren’t allowed to eat with the white people whom which they were performing for. Black people need to WAKE UP! I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Fisk University. The problem with black people is that the majority of them lack education. TuPac was educated, he read all the time. He was perhaps the most known activist to speak out against racism and classism. Remember, “Brenda’s Got a Baby” and “Changes”. Remember the song “Self-Destruction”. These artist today haven’t done any song or mix tape that brings about social change, educates the masses on racism or classism. Most of these hip-hop artist come from single parent homes and they grew up in the hood. Yet, they don’t give back to the same “streets” that raised them. We have just accepted them and supported them without asking or demanding them to support us. Fair exchange ain’t no robbery. Why is there kids killing each other in Chicago and New York daily, but Kayne and Jay-Z haven’t built a recreational center/studio for the youth to go to and express their anger in music, not in violence.? Perhaps it’s time for us (consumers) to require them (artist) to do more than just perform at one or two charity events. It’s time for them to “keep it real” and truly give back from their hearts. They (artist) need to stop being greedy. Remember God loves a cheerful giver.

      3. theres no black people buying his records…..its white middle class rich kids buying his shit. lets just figure what WE AS A COMMUNITY CAN DO FOR OURSELVES instead of getting upset when we dont get a handout from someone! black or white or brown !

    3. Enevola, I am saddened by the fact that you are clueless as the contributions being made by people like Harry Bellafonte which in fact paved the way for new age artists such as JayZ. It is the same reason why black people don’t step up to the plate by exercising their franchise to vote. There is a disconnect between what the martyrs from the civil rights generation did for us to be where we are. Though nonchalance and apathy are deafening among our consciousness, we who know better must be be willing to continue to advocate to keep the fire burning. There is still HOPE.

    4. The personal freedom and the opportunities to make wealth that Jay Z and other rappers, entertainers and athletes enjoy today are due to people like Bro. Belafonte and all those who braved the hoses, dogs, cattle prongs, jailings, beatings and lynchings and asking those who benefited from their struggle to pick up the mantle for the next generation is neither ‘unfair’ nor unreasonable! Jay Z and his contemporaries are the beneficiaries of that struggle that till continues to this day! The ‘Barney’s’ incident is just a reminder that the struggle is not over! And referring to elder Belafonte as a ‘boy’ was incredibly disrespectful not to mention immature! An apology is due to the elder statesman!!

    5. Ok, point well taken, but still, it comes to power, and were does one use their, or choose to go with the powers that think they BE. The creator of all can not be bought nor sold, nor controled. When the masses get how powerful they are j z will cease to be a topic of discussion.

    1. I agree. Jay-z and Beyoncé are all about the money. They are even auctioning rights to their babies pic’s and a baby line. It’s all about the money. No genuineness. It’s sad. And he came from a place of poverty. You would think they would want to give back genuinely. He wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t from those experiences.

      1. They are genuine. They are genuinely interested in growing they bank accounts and placing greater distance between them and the have nots!!!

      2. The saying goes ” YOU CAN TAKE THE N—- OUT THE GHETTO, BUT CANT TAKE THE GHETTO OUT THE N—-!!” And that goes for both he and his wife…they fail to realize that you cant take all that money with you , so you might as well put some use to it…You can tell their not from money, so their only goal is to get all that they can because it makes them feel superior to others mainly blacks… can you tell … their not my favorite folks… just saying

      3. I was kind of on the fence about Sean Carter now I can’t see how anybody could by any of his overpriced garbage on CD. Mr Carter has no platform to stand for so he is just a slave to the powers that be. I have no respect for him or anyone else for that matter who can’t line up with the people who got him where he is now.

      4. I think Jay-Z suffers from a case of, Oj-itis! That’s when someone forgets where they come from, to eventually lose it all….

      5. I agree with you Cabrena and thank you Miss Jessica Ann Mitchell for your words. I’ve never supported Sean Carter, Beyonce , Kanye West or anyone like them. It’s easy for them to stand up and accept an award for the music that they do, give a speech about how much they appreciate their fans, whatever help they’re giving people in other countries (which don’t amount to too much) but, some say; Charity starts at home. We, real folks, have another saying: Don’t forget the hood or the hood will forget you. I have mad respect for Mr. Harry Belafonte and the work that he has done over the years and I’m in my 40’s. I mean what are these people really doing to make a difference in the world? I know Jigga & Kanye haven’t done anything worthy of recognition, by way of humanitarian services to our beautiful country. I myself am a very proud disabled Desert Storm War Veteran of the U.S. Army and still do what I can (big or small) to my help fellow man & fellow Veterans. It’s an honor, not an obligation, that I hold very dear to my heart. Army Strong for life!!!

      6. Do we really need this old guy to throw shade on Jay Z ?!?! Seems like he’s made a comfortable living for 100 years…jealous much?!?! Perhaps this is a stab at being relevant, but how sad – haters gonna hate! He doesn’t know Jay Z or charities he supports , he must miss spotlights. Ignorant rant from an old man. Adjust.

      7. And they should be about the money! We as a “people” are like crabs…when one of us tries to climb out of the bucket, another is pulling us back in. Jay-Z is a rapper, a father and a husband who just so happens to be doing well for himself and his family. Sure he makes a lot of money but “he” makes the money and it is his to do with as he pleases. I am a black man and I want to do whatever it takes to make sure my family has the things that they want and need. They and only they are my responsibility. Not everybody else!! I understand that things are hard for people but he can’t take care of everybody. Now it is unfair to try and get him to down white people or pretend that they all are devils just because somebody famous asked him too. I wouldn’t do it either. If someone asked most of us to go and call the white people that are paying our salaries each week racist, I bet we wouldn’t do it because we want to be able to feed our families next week and to keep a roof over their heads as well. One major problem we have in this world is people not minding their own business. Most of the people that have something to say about him are probably just jealous because they don’t have what he has. That dude is smart…smart enough to make deals and continue to make money even when the economy is not doing well. If any of us had an opportunity to make tons of money, we would be mad as hell if somebody tried to tell us we shouldn’t. I really don’t blame him for wanting to put distance between himself and the have nots because as we see from some of the posts, that the only thing the have nots would do is bring him down and drain him of the life that he has built for his family and the last thing that we as a people need is another brother that has turned his life around after going through the struggle to relapse and go back in the opposite direction. We are crowded enough as it is down here at the bottom. We don’t need anymore down here. He didn’t get into the rap game to be an activist. He did it to make music and money. When we go to work, we do it to make money so why should we condemn that man for doing the same. Live and let live. One last thing people…until you are ready to quit your jobs and pick up the sign and stand on the corner all day for a cause that you all obviously believe in so strongly, leave the man alone and let him make or should I say “EARN” a living however he feels that it is necessary for him and his wife to do so. If you took what I said personally then maybe you have something to think about. Get your own house in order and then I bet most of the finger pointing will stop because then you will be a “have” instead of a “have not” and you will be ducking all the fingers being pointed at you because you are not an activist. Peace and love…not only to my brothers and sisters, but to all man as we all deserve it. Until next time, I will continue to fight the good fight for me and my family and wish you all the best of luck with yours.

        1. Blather as you will.

          Jay-Z is a hypocrite, and he is being called out on it.

          He should be punched in the face for calling Belafonte “boy”. He may probably could have never reached his pinnacle without the blood, sweat and tears of those before him.

      8. they can do what they want you do what you want so stop the hating and get out their pockets worrie about you own and maybe you can help the community ……on lookers ……sheeesh!

    2. Everyboby with the stage cant entertain everthing every issue, if it rocks the base of his being I get it. HB he 82 he came from different cloth than Jigga.

      1. Be Mr. Belafonte help puthat cloth in place for us so why aren’t they cut from the same cloth its sad just like martin Luther king ,Malcolm X all great leaders who fought for our rights and gave their lives who had kids that miss their fathers being in their lives and now we have black on black crim I live in a little city in Indiana and we had 42 murders 32 black men I’m crying for our race how we let money mean more than loving help those who need help you know who and where they are because you come from the same hood and cloth ijs if I got it the next person will have it reach back God will take it just like he give it

      2. Regardless of age, 82 or younger …if you have a platform and the fan base you have the opportunity to instill change. You can not impact change by keeping quiet about issues that surround you. The Barney issue is a prime example of how Jay-Z could have brought about positive change but instead decided to hide behind the dollar and let the Dollar give him strength and value. Instead of making his retraction of a contract make the needed impact. Actions speak louder than words or silence in this case.

      3. I will never stop being about race, and it will never stop being about equality. Regardless if your 12 or 82 years old you should always have common sense, love and respect for others. Once upon a time we live in a world that did care about our fellow man and not what we could only gain for ourselves. It’s sad to read the post that are suggesting that it is alright to live in a country and claim you care for the less fortunate but the only thing Jay-z seems to care about is how much money is involved. Let’s stop embracing the lies he is telling and open our eyes to the truth that he doesn’t want you to see.

    3. This world will contine to be messed up until Jesus returns once more… All other things are false peace, things done in vain, only masking the root of the problem… The problem is spiritual above all… The body listens to the spirit… Seek the Lord Jesus’ truth and embrace the Holy Spirit that is in you! Salvation is important, helping others to salvation is even more important! God bless you! I com in the name of JESUS not religion… The name of Truth, not false peace…

      1. I’m calling BULLSH**. Religion had nothing, and will never have anything to do with this article. Religion itself, especially some imaginary people others brainwashed you into worshipping, is not the end all be all for how someone does or does not act. Or have you forgotten all the people killed in jesus’s name? Or all the hatred and intolerance towards others who don’t embrace the same ideals “christians” embrace? It has nothing to do with “being spiritual”. Especially since it causes more violence and segregation than it solves. Yeah, I know this post is going to be blasted, but that’s okay. Until all these religious nuts realize the world doesnt revolve around them and their religion, that not everything is caused or can be fixed by imaginary people…well, the world will be a better place when that’s all a thing of the past.

        Oh, and Josh, the only false peace, is the one religion brings when they have converted an area for their own, and driven out the competition.

      2. No, I’m good, but excuse you for confusing that jesus is the centerpiece of a religion, one of the most fearmongering and abusive powers man has ever created. Also one of the most bloody. As soon as idiots like josh and obviously yourself here realize not everyone decides to let themselves be brainwashed into believing in some made up entity, and finding ways to push that upon others, people like me wouldn’t have to say anything in response. The article itself was free of any religious influences, but some dumbarse always has to come along and jesus this, and jesus that. Get over yourselves. Christianity has to be the about the worst religion man ever made up.

    4. Jay z was not a ib time drug dealer he wasn’t even a small time dealer. Just cause hesaidit don’t mean its true. Goto the marcy projects ask around they will tell you

    5. There is no getting around the issue of color/race, because that is what America is all about. Indeed, it is the path that America has elected to traverse and, thus, it is that path which shall eventually lead to its demise.

    6. Wow really this world will a better place when blacks stop cowtowing and going against there own people and being afraid to talk truth. As far as j z I can’t afford or would buy anything in Barney’s anyway n who would spend money in a place that discriminates against your own people that’s ignorant what you have to understand in those smoke filled back rooms at the end of the day you are and always will be a nigger to them Jo matter how much money you gave they just accept you cause you sing dance or are an athlete other wise you seve no purpose to them


    8. White pll are never your friend , their not and they will never be. Thank you Omega Peyton . All about thier thought hate from small its never gonna come out their dna. There generation bred that crap into them . Their selfish, they say networking but their selfish. They break you down because their insecure. Black is the strongest race. Everybody came out of us. They giveour young men crack in the hood ,then say ,their killing theirselves, making it an excuse to kill trayvon. Every its them and says its us. They name the baby girls after dead old men last name. Scrutinize our names, when they told our Great Grandfathers they’d chop of our fingers if we learn to read . They gave us parts of the cow chicken and pig they didnt want , so we heart disease breast cancer sickle anemia . God dont reward evil. We should publicly hang cops and beat they ass in public , for killing these pll, and for thses four little in the church , all hell the black pll went thru and still going thru.

    9. No real change can happen in America until people start having conversations about Race Relations. Race does matter and if you think it doesn’t, then you are in denial. Why do you think President Barack Obama is having the hardest time getting people to come on board for Health Care Reform? Why are the Tea Party Members/Republicans against the president? Why do Tea Party Members/Republicans/Hannity want the President to fail? Please read the Willie Lynch Letter. It explains racism in America. Race does matter. Also, please read The Isis Papers. Please go back and re-read MLK’s I have a dream speech. What MLK stated during his 1963 speech still hold true today. Please WAKE UP!

    10. You obviously don’t understand why “color” is always the issue! We don’t have a problem with our blackness, as long as we (black people) always have to work three times harder than our counterpart, there will always be a race issue, the difference from the 50s and 60s is, the took away the “whites only” signs, the treatment and behaviors are the same. # don’t fool yourself

      1. Correction,,,,,,,,,,, the difference in the 60s and now is, there are no “whites only” signs but the sentiment/treatment is still the same.

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  81. Real talk and why do people think that he is about doing anything for those he rose above. Check with those on the street that watched him rise and ply his trade. do you think the projects have improved because of his influence. I’m broke and I do more for the inner city youth than he does and that’s where ever I go.

    1. Starting to believe this guy is part of the so elite movement in America. Take a stand boycott anything he tries to sell. The only way he’s making money is because of the little guys like us. Again BOYCOTT SEAN CARTER. For now on he will be known as Sean Carter.

  82. I don’t see the problem. He’s a business man. Just because he’s African American doesn’t automatically put him into the position that he needs to drop everything he’s doing to accommodate someone’s being upset. If you had a boss that didn’t like whites, or blacks, or whatever and they said it, or better yet, one of your work peers said it, will that make you want to quit your job and lose out on your own financial gain. He’s a smart man and it’s perfectly legal not to embed himself into a race war that people still beg to see.

    1. He doesn’t have to release his line through Barney’s is the point. He’s a mega-star. ANY store would want him as a client, so why go to the store that racially profiles his race? Why ~not~ make a statement?

      Art is power, fame is power, money is power. He is missing a huge business opportunity as well as a social opportunity here. The problem is he’s a coward. He is not evolved enough to have true self-respect nor is he mature enough to do what Harry Belafonte has done all his life: effect change through personal actions.

      I’ve never been in a Wal-Mart and I never will be in a Wal-Mart. They sell cheap products and I completely disagree with their policies. In a Democracy, you vote with your feet or your wallet as well as at the ballot box.

      1. Wonderfully said. If you have a conscious and you can effect positive change, why not. He has never impressed me. He has been there and struggled to reach the top but lost compassion and a social consciousness for the Almighty Dollar

      2. “Art is power, fame is power, money is power. He is missing a huge business opportunity as well as a social opportunity here. The problem is he’s a coward. He is not evolved enough to have true self-respect nor is he mature enough to do what Harry Belafonte has done all his life: effect change through personal actions.

        I’ve never been in a Wal-Mart and I never will be in a Wal-Mart. They sell cheap products and I completely disagree with their policies. In a Democracy, you vote with your feet or your wallet as well as at the ballot box.”

        Realest comment ever written.

      3. I agree. Remember after the Trevon Martin case, Stevie Wonder stated he wouldn’t perform in states that had the Stand Your Ground Law. Jay-Z is in a position to spark social/economic/political change. Yet, he is only concerned about his family (Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Mother, etc). He appears to be self-fish and greedy. I hope he remembers that pride comes before a fall and those that are exalted will be humbled and those that are humbled will be exalted. He needs to have a lesson in the Bible or the Quran. God teaches us to be a cheerful giver, not a person who always hustles people out of money. There is more to life than money and perhaps he hasn’t realized that yet.

      4. I agree whole heartedly with your sentiments. I’d also like to point out this is the same guy (Jay-Z) that was running around talking about how racist Cristal was and saying that is the reason why he switched to Ace of Spades. I always thought that whole act was a bunch of bullsh**, it seemed more likely that either Cristal stopped cutting him a check or Ace of Spades started cutting him one and that’s really why he decided to start endorsing one and bash the other. Now when he has a real opportunity to address racism he dances around it and refuses to take a stand. To the people who are defending him all I would say is take a minute and really look at who you are defending this guy is not who he pretends to be.

        1. I totally agree with you James. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and I know its history and watched it evolve. I can count on one hand the hip hop stars that emerged from there and went back and did something grand for those still left. It doesn’t take a lot to make a statement or a contribution. I will set the example because my time is coming. God bless.

    2. @artigliphics I understand what you were saying in a normal everyday people sense. However, there is a certain amount of respect that you must have for your elders. Likewise, there is an amount of respect that we all hold for HB. He has done so much to help people (regardless of skin color). Poverty knows no color. So Jay -Z calling him boy was very disrespectful. I used to like Jay-z, but I have lost so much respect for him it’s not even funny. The fact that he only donated $6,000 dollars to his own charity is insane. Why even have a charity? You have other famous and wealthy people donating more money to your charity than you do and you have millions in the bank? Absolutely disgusting.

      1. I would seriously check the whole “only 6,000” claim. This whole opinion piece, written on a blog, citing zero real sources, with no supporting evidence is about as credible as, well, they just aren’t.

        Further, I don’t feel the need to tell anyone what their role in the struggle should be. Tyler Perry throws a cross on his ish, people rush out to patronize it and nobody is in his face. We need to take every black person to task if we are going to focus on Jay.

        In addition, your everyday purchases need to be evaluated as well. I can assure you, if I walk through each of your houses I will find products from companies with CEOs who are couter productive to the struggle. And you’re supporting them. Everyday.

      2. Wilma thank you for that observation. I was wondering when someone would speak out about the tactics of Tyler Perry and his nonsense excuse of why he don’t help other artists that struggled like he did. Then he goes begging on social media for support and constantly displaying the comforts his wealth bring him and never mentions anything about what community activity he is involved in which likely is zero. Kelli you hit the nail on the head. When my books begin to sell, I will demonstrate what giving back and paying it forward is all about. I’ve been doing it for years and only mention now to show a comparison. I made $2,960 last year but it didn’t stop me from donating. God bless.

    3. Thanks so much for article. Just proof positive that immorality is not illegal. All the struggle for equality helped my people do is learn how to honestly care less about themselves and.ore about the immortality that built this country. I ain’t mad though. Those who sign up are getting paid….what?!

    4. SMH… Charity work and financial gain do not go together. Further more, he could have held a benefit concert with out the “Barney” Brand and still been just as successful and earned respect for his fans and donors period! However we as black people feel we need these white/rich corporations to make this happen… smh. We have a voice to change things yet we don’t invest in our people or supporters who truly make us how we are.

    5. Most bosses don’t make $63 million dollars a year and have automatic access to the media. The problem is that Carter isn’t selling donuts or car parts, he’s been selling a lifestyle, the hard not life and the rags to riches mantra. His embrace of the n-word and apparent amnesia about the folks who helped achieve his wealth is deplorable. As far as your analogy about a racist boss, most people would find another job. It’s not about legal rights. Sometimes we must put conscience, justice and morality above money. Apparently, Carter lacks the ability to do that.

    6. its called racial profiling if you’ve ever had this happen to you would have a different view and tone of voice. He’s a person of color who can make our voice louder but he chooses to be part of the elite and turn a blind eye on social events that going on this is not the old south we can go and shop anywhere and buy whatever we like but enough is a enough. SHAME ON YOU SEAN CARTER THE SELLOUT.

    7. If you don’t STAND for anything, then you will FALL for everything. No matter what, you should always stand with your own people…regardless! This guy is headed for an eventual O.J. letdown, i.e., he truly believes that he is beloved by White America and does not have the faintest idea that White America will turn on him in the blink of an eye….. just ask O.J., of Mike Tyson

    1. It is just a matter of time before White America turns of this guy and reminds him that he is still a juicy-lipped, long-headed-ass, popped-eyed, ex-crack dealing, project nigga.

      1. Name call and 3rd grade antics doesn’t change the fact that he has millions of dollars in the bank from his hard work and can do what ever he wants to with it. When it comes time to pay the mortgage, he won’t have any problems because he let insults from any one of you cause him to give up his lively hood. We are not the ones supporting him anyway. White people are the ones buying 80% music anyway. Now people are saying he is turning his back on the people who made him what he is but I say we aren’t doing anything for him. If it weren’t for the people that you want him to hate so much, then he probably wouldn’t have a roof over his head. Sound to me like people are saying that if you are black and have become successful you have to start hating the other man….but isn’t that what we are fight for? To stop the hatred and spread the love? I guess you have to remain a crab in the bucket to be seen as a crab cause when you finally make it over the rim to you own freedom (despite the other crabs still trying to hold you down) you are not a crab anymore.

  83. Jessica — thanks for daring to write this piece. I have the privilege of leading a school in Philadelphia, and unfortunately, we have to do a far better job of training our leaders because it is obvious that can expect very little from these “hip hop representatives.” Let’s continue to push the envelope.

  84. Thank you Jessica for your article. Unfortunately our youth and sadly too many adults that you think would know better, support these artists and believe the things they put out or say in regard to showing support to OUR communities around the world are legit, they are not always. The “MONEY” is all they seem to care about! When I first heard about the “beef”, I didn’t know what to believe but I certainly would not and did not question the word of Mr. Belafonte.

    I will not lie to you and say that I never used the “N” word as a young man but after I entered the military, I soon realized the affects of it after having it directed at me. That made me so angry! Many years later I was blessed to spend some quality time with my grandfather (88year old) prior to his passing. I would stop and visit with him while traveling to and from my duty location to visit other family in Texas. During one of those visits we talked about the “N” word and it brought tears to his eyes to hear our people not only use it but give license to “other” to use it as well. That really hit home with me that at his age he still had serious emotion about even hearing that word.

    The youth of today do not show respect to the elderly the way my generation and those before me did. It doesn’t matter who is around, they will use and use it LOUDLY so everyone can hear them. That word was used to dehumanize our ancestors and I can’t understand how or why anyone of color would support the use of the “N” word. WE MUST to do better! WE MUST teach our kids better!

    1. Unfortunately, some of our people have the impression that if we use the word ourselves or change its spelling, the meaning of the word changes and that we have “taken the power” of the word from others and made it our own. I always say that the word and its meaning were created to demean, humiliate and degrade our people and only the creator of said word can change it. Until then, it will always carry its historical and original meaning. If we want others to stop using the word, then we have to stop using it. By using the word amongst ourselves as s “term of endearment”, we are only continuing to do to ourselves what the creators of it want. Finally, when the global community hears the word “nigger”, trust me, it is not considered a “term of endearment” and merely perpetuates the stereotypes and prejudices that this country has done a good job in communicating to the world.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve stormed into a teenage mancave over the subject (and received a proper lesson about “er” vs. “a”), I’d have a lot of nickels…and I’m a southern white. Sigh…

  85. He uses The N word, degrades the beloved Belafonte and makes billions encouraging Blacks to engage in criminal activity, misogyny, drugs, violence and prison life. EVERYONE needs to reject Jay-Z. I am white as a glass of milk and the “man” offends me. I wouldn’t buy his music if you paid me because I am able to put my values first.

    We are what we do, not what we say we do or want to do or hope others think we do. So… do the right thing: reject this guy on the only level he understands: economics.

  86. To all thee up above … the fact still remains only in the good ole’ U.S.A. it’s land of the free, yes ! and the concern should be on what are we doing to make sure our next generation understand the non-morals of what people say and do has to be taken in accountability for it’s founded by many who have been misused or misuse others … what we allow to enter into ones well being just to adapt. It sadden me on any given day I can see how we continously fight one another to justify truth in a world of what’s for me and what’s for you, stop and take a good look around at your current situation not realizing in other countries many lacking the basics of clean water and food as well as a shelter for cover a night. And this debate is about one man’s choice, … really ! My people wake up and focus on the bigger picture it is set out and design to work just as it has to start a race war among our selves, to show how some of us will always have the crab mentally. No matter how much money a african american make Jayz or Oprah, time and time again facts still remain they will never be anything other than black. AGREE ! As a african american it has been a known fact, we like to look good and will spend what ever it is to accompany that fad just to show one up. Instead incorporating wealth for the next generation who’s already struggling to compete against one another because of what’s being display before them glamorising items such as : cars, houses, clothing, jewelry, cell phones and body parts to name a few. Wake up people now before it’s soon to late, stop letting all the reality TV shows and high paid entertainers be it TV, Athlete’s, Music and or now Churches paint a picture of untruthful lies of what you must make and what you must have in this world to be accountable. No your worth is not to live for earthly items which will only remain behind once you depart …


  87. Harry Belafonte is a communist. His solutions for black people are socialism and racial solidarity. THAT is a recipe for failure, I don’t care WHAT color you are. Jay Z may be a rich selfish hypocrite, but he isn’t doing nearly the damage Harry B. is.

    1. Where is your evidence that Mr. Belafonte is a communist? Just because he champions the rights of the low and middle class doesn’t make him a Communist. I doubt if you even know what that means. Most Americans, especially older ones were so brainwashed because Marxism threatened the status quo and attacked the disproportionate distribution of wealth. I assume you must be part of the 1% although I seriously doubt whether you are wealthy because you wouldn’t have time to even read this article. You are not the 1% but merely part of the 70 or 80 % who believe that the wealthy act in our best interests. Unfortunately, the rich get richer and the dumb get dumber. I imagine you belong to the latter.

      1. No need to get nasty, Darryl. The question is simply “is he” or “isn’t he”. Whether you support communism or not is a second issue. Mr. Belafonte is one of your 1%ers. He mouths praise for Communist leaders, and apologizes for the failures of Communism. Is it OK for HIM to be a 1% because he claims solidarity with the 99%? That’s rather foolish of you. He made his millions with capitalism. Do you think he ever considered giving up his wealth and going to live with the 99% in Cuba? Do you think communism gives Black America a better chance at leaving poverty than capitalism? Where’s YOUR evidence?

  88. How can people seriously been surprised? This fraud has said himself during his whole career that he’s a hustler so why be surprised to find out he’s been hustling black people or any of his fans. He and his wife are both Illuminati but even knowing that damn didn’t know about the crazy low amount given to his own damn charity. But like I said he’s sold his soul so don’t expect any investigation.

  89. Too bad some of you didn’t grow up in the era when Harry did. He put his life on the line in the freedom movement in America many a night. While a lot of young folks are running around killing each other and hating on each other, while supporting phonies like Jay Z, Kanye West and the rest of the real “Uncle Toms” of the illuminati.

  90. If you really rep the streets, YOUR streets. I BET TOP, BARNEYS isn’t near your block. Sean Carter can handle BARNEYS just like all the other bullshit that comes with acquisitions. I think an insider caused this stirrup just because he knew Carter was coming in this holiday season, now they got the STREETS against THEIR OWN. do feed into the hype, go support the BLACK MAN AT THE RACIST CLUB MAKE SOME MONEY RIGHT IN FRONT OF EM…how i see it.

  91. How many of the have nots commenting will stop shopping at any stores which mistreat their employees Wal-Mart, McDonald’s etc. It’s funny to me that folks expect other people to do what they aren’t willing to do themselves. How many folks went shopping on Thanksgiving? Before you expect Jay Z or any other celebrities to make finance decisions based on popular opinion make some yourself. How many people give to any charitable organizations? Started any? I’m all for not shopping where disrespect towards any group is practiced but who hasn’t been followed around in any department store? Easy to point fingers but we all no the saying. I’m not impressed with trying to make Jay Z the scapegoat for racism in America when the masses won’t stand together for causes in their own community.

    1. BAM!!…just warms my heart that there’s folks out there who don’t fall for the carrot…You have a gift Ms. Waters, it gives me hope. Thank you.

  92. I am not surprised by the fact that Jay-Z wants to make money, wherever and however he can.. What surprises me most is how we can lose focus and concentrate on things like whether or not Barney’s is racist!! I have not and maybe will not ever be able to afford to buy anything from Barney’s so why would I place any kind of focus on them. And to be totally hones, I have not and probably will not ever by a Jay-Z CD!! The truth of the matter is that in the United States the majority of the black men aged 18-44 are either dead or in prison. Michelle Alexander addressed this in her book “Mass Incarceration: The Age of Colorblindness” a few years back, but I have not seen nearly as much focus on that!! Then, earlier this year, the Supreme Court cancelled everything that black people in the South like Martin Luther King fought so hard for… The Voting Rights Act of 1965. Come on people…we have better things to be focusing on!!

  93. The question is, does the action of a staff member(s) really indicate the overall culture of a major department store? A department store with a presence in over 10 different states, can we expect Jay Z to cancel any agreements based on the actions of a few isolated locations seems excessive.

    If we become penalized in our own businesses based on the ignorance that can’t be identified on the resume of people we’ve employed, will any of us ever see real success?

    1. I agree with you! Why are all the negative reactions only going towards Jay-Z? Macy’s is part of this racial profiling and no one has questioned Usher, Diddy or Russell Simmons about there product or business dealings with Macy’s! If you are going to make a statement do it towards all and stop making Jay-Z look like the only one!

  94. I agree with Teoy.. How can you blast this guy for continuing to do business with Barneys based off an employee’s action. I don’t see anybody protesting Walmart who treats their employees not just blacks the worst and get over on communities at the same time. It’s racism going on in every walk of life, you pick your battles. Didn’t he boycott Crystal the company as a whole cause they was racist? Oprah still shop at high end stores do anybody blast her after she got profiled? No. No matter how much a person does big or small whether it’s reported or not. It’s not enough for other people. And who do you think funds the daily operational costs of the charity and foundations. Stop counting other people money and judging others and worry about what you are doing or not doing. You’re accountable for your actions not anyone else’s.

  95. I have to agree with J-Z on not giving up his business deal.Although I think Mr. Belafonte and our older generation did a great justice for the Black American culture. No young Black American can deny this point rather they make 30 million a year or 150 a week. I personally think that J-Z can do more for any racial problems that still remain by accepting the position and salary within the Barney`s Corporation.Mr. Belafonte and our older generation must remember that they broke down certain barriers and doors in the beginning stages of civil rights and we will forever be grateful for these accomplishment.I must admit that my generation does not have any plans on giving back any position of power.This includes income ,titles or any other rights that Black Americans have shed blood sweat and tears to accomplish.We must carry the torch that the older generation have lit.In today`s society corporations have more impact on more families than any other business.Although I respect Mr. Belafonte and all of our great Civil Rights leaders. I don`t feel that a public rebuke is helping the situation any.

    1. Don’t know where you live Eric G. but people are protesting Walmart here in the south and in other parts of the country for the reasons you state. Carter’s business deal with Barney’s means little to his overall wealth or his contribution to charity. He can easily walk away and devote his efforts to his own charity or just write a tax deductible check to his own charity for more than the six grand he contributed in 2010. Guess he doesn’t need the tax break of a charitable deduction and the Barney’s deal is merely for window dressing to expand his brand. It’s all about greed and someday Carter will realize the error of his ways. Money ain’t everything and the Universe is all about balance. His pendulum will swing the other way. You can be sure.

      1. It`s ironic how the very thing that civil rights stood for is the very thing that upsets these hypocrites.Civil Rights,if i`m not mistaken stood for equality,such as equal pay,being able to shop,eat,and live on the same playing field as our light skinned counter parts.Now just because Mr. Carter happened to be black and happened to have made it out of a place that most of these people posting could not even dream of in their deepest phase of sleep.He is being attacked and by his own kind.Civil rights was and is
        about going straight to the problem and dealing with it from the inside out.There has to be another motive be hide this whole Barney`s ordeal.Now if J(Mr Carter) was Donald Trump or Bill Gates then he would be called a powerful screwd business man by these hypocrites , since he just happen to be a Black business man from the ghetto,these people have the audacity to thank that he owes someone or somebody more. Let the truth be told he has already did more for blacks than a lot of these blacks that claim to be Civil Rights leaders in our communities.Think of the staff and the people this guy have to pay when he put together a show ,or even the employees at one of his companies .That in it self is a real hands on move against poverty.You better believe he`s feeding families.Like I said before and I`ll say it again Mr. Belafonte could have easily got in touch with him and talked with him outside the media.Last but not least J`Z`s music is for J`Z`s demographic.That`s who helped him get where he`s at today and that`s who he`s raping to.Don`t forget Hip Hop is a culture, a life style, a movement in it`s self. If you are not truthfully from that culture or speak our language, you are not suppose to understand or agree,that is all….

    1. How can you say that. If somebody told you that you make too much on your job you would probably say I don’t make enough. People kill me with that. How about trying to secure a future for his family and generations like other races do. How many blacks have wealth for generations?? I’ll wait for it, cause there are none. Cause our people think too small and you always have people pulling them down saying “you make too much”.

      1. Bill Gates gives away billions. So does Warren Buffet and neither intend to leave much to their children. They recognize that great wealth carries greater responsibilities. Carter was a petty drug dealer who had it not been for the poor folks who supported him would still be peddling death on the corners in the Bronx. So Blue Ivy apparently won’t be able to make it on her parent’s wealth that will probably be in the billions when she is an adult. Do the math. You could spend 100 grand a week for 20 years and you couldn’t spend a billion. Just because others are greedy doesn’t justify Carter’s greed. At some point we all need to stand up and make a difference. I give away more than 6 grand a year to charity. I figure my children can live without it and hopefully someday they’ll make their own way.

  96. Sideline Activitist…all of you. Unlike Mr. Belafonte you all have done nothing to move the needle. Why is it that we are always so quick to call out our celebs ? Do you even realize that Jay and Beyoncé’s fan bases are mostly white ? How about Oprah ? Or Kanye..? Do you all really believe these artist value the black community ? Get a grip ? You spent a great deal of time writing about a subject you seem to know little about. The work the elders did for us have long been forgotten. Our community is filled with like minded individuals like yourselves. And by the way Mr. Belafonte called out more than Jay Z he called the whole current generation and those who are not famous out in that press conference where he was asked his opinion. He gave, an opinion, he earned his place to say it. Not you, you’ve done nothing. You are using information from second hand places that are chopped up. By the way did you read that Mr. Belafonte addressed his position in the disagreement.? Did you watch the entire two part interview where Mr. Carter spoke about his views ? I have on both accounts. I go to the sources I watch video, and read, then write my opinion. You have Mr. Sharpton on the case and even the CEO of Barney’s has talked about this subject. Does this absolve them or the security teams or employees ? No, but if you want to point fingers point them at the problem. If Jay still wants to do business with them it’s his business we don’t have to support him. Truth is how many of you have gone to shop at Barney’s ? I’ve never been never planned to go. Jay isn’t trying to reach you. He’s trying to reach a different demographic. Sad but true..the charity ? Who knows where that goes. I’m a supporter of Mr Carter but he has his place in my life. At what point did you ever see him work on the behalf of our community ? He’s not that dude ? Hell name someone in our Black community right now who has ? I was at he million man march didn’t see too many rappers..(Hammer was the only one I saw) what about VA Beach 89 I was there (asses getting beat like it was the 70s), didn’t see too many rappers speak out then. What about with Trayvon Martin ? Not too many rappers spoke up or out about it but to just put a line on a song. You want to write about something write about Barney’s directly, interview people, write about it and then we can talk. Until then, stop riding the coat tails of a legend like Mr. Belafonte. Damn..you pissed me off..!

    1. Don’t need to read or watch videos dude; I was THERE in the flesh. I saw a man who resembled a fire ant speaking on Lennox Ave a 116th. We called him “The Minister,” but you refer to him as Malcom X. I kicked much White ass when MLK was assassinated, notwithstanding that I did not totally agree with his non-violent approach; at 13, it was the only way that I knew how to make a statement…..some statement……any statement! As a member of the Almighty Five Percent Nation, I have always been on the front line of this struggle and I call the facts as they are. I have many notches in this ongoing fight…and I mean many! Flaunt your KKK or Nazi flag in front of me and I have no problems with sending your ass to the next life. However, my greatest claim to fame is that I have yet to take a Black life. Moreover, I always stand with my people, even if, at times, they are in error. I believe that I can always voice my feelings on such an error behind closed doors. In other words; never, ever let our enemies witness us disagree. ALWAYS present a unified front. Take heed of how China and Vietnam have defeated these people in war and now in economics. They are not really that hard to defeat. Their main weapon has always been and remains divisiveness; They are masters at dividing their foes; India was split into India & Pakistan; Vietnam was split into North Vietnam and South Vietnam; North Korea & South Korea, etc. The situation with the Blackman in North America is even more perilous; we are Disciples or Vice Lords; Bloods or Crips; Country or City Slick; Eastside or Westside; 118 street or 119 street, and the beat goes on. We never stop to even consider the fact and approach our enemy with the common thought : WE ARE ONE! When that days comes our enemies days shall be numbered. Peace!

      1. Omega Payton, the words I wrote were in your honor. And those who earned a place by being on the front line. My problem with blogs and people who write like this is that they have no real clue as to what the struggle is or was. They write for the judgement not the cause. They place blame instead of taking up arms. I was raised by radical, I was raised to question everything and to think for myself. I know my history and I know that people in Jay’s lane don’t fight for us. The spotlight should be on the organization not any rift between Mr. Belafonte and Mr. Carter. That’s a behind the closed doors meeting. The author of this post is not any better than Jay..she’s about views and shares not putting pressure on Barney’s. To think if we focused our energy on the Company that has not done right by us by bringing to light the injustices Mr. Carter would have no choice but to pay attention. We have enough followers in our community we need leaders. We need everyone to move as soldiers do in formation towards an end result. What do we have here on this thread ? Opinion givers too scared to pen real content. To walk the walk. Don’t use Mr. Belafonte’s good name for your benefit. You want to call out Jay Z call him out on your own. Interview him and question him face to face..that’s how I was raced..I faced some of what you wrote but I was fortunate. I’m tired of all chatter in our community and no real action. If you place your faith in false prophets you have no choice but to be disappointed. I appreciate your fight and contributions.

  97. People are too busy counting his money instead of watching the business savvy the man used to get his money. Perhaps more attention should be paid to how he worked hard to get his money. Realized a brand and ran with it. We are complaining about how he spends his money and giving our money to a Korean for weave hair, the same Korean that wouldn’t give a damn about you if you didn’t have money to give him, how come we only have a handful of black owned bodegas in our communities ??? How can the Pakistanis come in our neighborhoods and open a thriving business in our neighborhoods ??? Why is it I can go anywhere in the country and look for Martin Luther King Blvd and be guaranteed to find someone selling drugs !! You don’t know what Jay and Beyoncé contribute to. Maybe they keep it on the down low. I do like the fact that he married the girl he loves that is a role model in our communities within itself. Jay doesn’t have 99 baby mamas either showing the role model of safe sex. Beyoncé aint out there cussing and fighting or shooting down another sister who is up and coming either that is role model material. I know racism is out there but we can’t or shoot a brother down for getting some of the oppressors money. You better come up with a POSITIVE plan and GET YOU SOME too and stop hating on a brother who has done just that. I say Go Get That Money Jay and spend it anyway you damn well please !!~!

  98. You are spot on with this article, I always agreed Kanye and Jay Z and even those stars mentioned on this article changed because of style, fame and money. I don’t listen nor buy any more crap Kanye West has to bring out, once said by the ROCAFELLA Records, must musician are still calling themselves Illuminati members and even Kanye has gone far enough to say he is a “God”. I do follow controversial status between the cross line, Facebook and what else social networks have to say about these clowns, because it’s funny. Charity is charity not your tax exemption ticket to report lesser income you fools, they of course do not come from blue blood (old money) and once they dead artist, all they will be dead artists, what are you living on this earth as a legacy?

  99. Always with the old divide and conquer routine. Instead of focusing on what folks with extra pocket change doing with their coins, look inward and focus on the individual in the mirror and what that individual is doing to make this world a better place…Stop looking for heros in unlikely places.

  100. I think that Harry Belafonte’s point on Jay-Z’s power and influence as just another tool for Jay-Z’s own wealth is more of a question directed at us: This nigga here ain’t about nuttin’ and he ain’t helping those that gave him his status in the first place. He’s staying neutral cause white folks are the ones buying all of his stuff, so he’s not going to go against his “market”. The late generations have not been included fully into his “market” and therefore we have to effect change in our communities by OURSELVES! Instead of finding folks to help us and trying desperately to reach out to them, let’s find our own ways of fixing our own problems, so that the folks who forgot where they came from can see a different way of thinking, and in effect reach out to US. We are known for creativity without resource, and we need to remind ourselves of that. We CAN effect change from the inside out. Jay-Z is an “outsider” at this point; let’s focus more on what WE can do to help ourselves, and those idiots with money will come running to open their checkbooks because the new fad would have affected this country: the new disenfranchised movement. Let us do for us, and they will come and help us facilitate it because they need the PR. THAT’S influence….

  101. For people constantly saying Jay-Z souled his soul, apart of the illuminati, he’s a devil worshipper, says his wife faked her pregnancy, talk about his daughter, constantly saying he does people dirty, then y’all negros got the nerve to want him to stand up for y’all… PLEASE! If I was Jay I would of told y’all to kiss my ass . Especially after all the other good sh!t that he’s done(mention it in an earlier post) that people all of a sudden got amnesia;more than likely didn’t know about.

    One thing i do know is when someone don’t like you, they will look for all your dirt to put out there like his tax return from 2010, but why won’t they go talk to anybody that works or worked for Jay. Where’s the Macy petition that ask Diddy, Usher, and Mariah Carey to drop there business with them? I see nobody ever ask Sam Jackson a former crack head ,that’s also the highest grossing actor in history to be an activist. I sure he probably robbed a ni@@a or two to get his fix. Mr Banana boat should’ve talk to Jay in private instead of putting him on the spot in public like that. Same way Jay should’ve not responded on wax.

    Benefit concerts for the victims of 9-11 @ the garden, benefit concerts for the victims of Haiti earthquake, donating proceeds from The Hard Knock Life tour to the victims of the Colombian shooting. Being apart of the Water For Life program and standing in front of the United Nations on behalf of the program. Criticized George Bush on Minority Report for his effort on hurricane Katrina, and donated $500,000 to the victims of Katrina. Setup an Educational Fund For The Children of Sean Bell, donated the proceeds of a Roc-a-wear campaign to Bells Wife, and Had her as a model for the same campaign>>>>>>Dropping his deal at Barney’s due to fake outrage

  102. While Belafonte’s comments may have merit (though I suspect that people of any race who do not fit the mold would probably be followed around Barney’s), it always amazes me how quickly the pitchforks come out what’s up black social figure reaches a certain level. The rumor mills, the “girl, did you hear that….” Just think about all that was being said about Michael Jackson. Yet now that he’s gone people are ready to erect statues and create national holidays in his name.

    Hell, they even tried to attack Oprah, Gayle, and Stedman. thank goodness Oprah sidestepped that mess. Some of these so called black activist/blogger/columnists need to check themselves before cannibalizing their own by committing all out character assassination based on hearsay for blog hits.

  103. I don’t get it , do we want Jay Z to be a leading voice on race relations, or do we want him to be a leading voice on issues pertaining to social class. Do we want both, this article doesn’t make it clear. They are not the same although they are related in some ways. Jay Z is a capitalist, and obviously a good business man, that’s why he could make 63 million in one year, how do we expect him to continue doing this then somehow be a leading voice on social inequality? Then he would be called a hypocrite for not giving it all away.

    In my opinion, in regards to race relations, not every successful black person is going to be a Harry Belafonte type activist or standing on the front line like Reverend Al Sharpton, why shouldn’t African Americans be FREE to choose what causes they would like to fight for, without being treated like a pariah by their own community? Jay Z obviously made his choice, if you don’t like it, then stop supporting him ( that includes writing about him and giving him free press) he probably wouldnt miss the support seeing that most of his listeners are Caucasians who love what he is doing.

    As for donating only 6 grand to his own charity, that’s weird, but at the same time i would rather focus on the real impact the charity is having on peoples lives instead of how much money the actual co founders give to the charity. It is actually more important for a charity to develop the ability to raise money from the public than to put in your own money, if the charity is going to have any longevity.

  104. Steve, I understand what you are saying. But I also understand what the majority here has to say and agree with them more. Sure you’re right. Most of the people here may have done nothing to stimulate their community in a contributing or even moral way. But all of us are not called to be leaders. But for those who are in position to lead, we do have a right to call upon them as members from our community who have exceeded what we consider as a “normal lifestyle” to remember where they came from and participate in paving the way at least morally to guide and enrich the minds of our youth’s in a positive and appropriately benefiting manner. As the saying goes, “much given, much expected”. If Jay was in some way a self-made millionaire without the help of the same community he has seemed to blind himself from now identifying….then I could agree with you. But that isn’t the case nor the way a music artist turn mega-star celebrity makes his/her way to the top.
    An artist in Jay’s position is slightly earned, but mainly given to him not from his/her talent alone, but much support from his/her community. And yes, most of his financial backers today maybe white…but I guarantee you that wasn’t who invested in him from the start as a drug peddler. So there’s a lifeline of respect that comes with the “privilege” of being in the position and lifestyle Jay is currently in.

    I know this because I’m a long time artist myself (from the 80’s/90’s era), who is one of the individuals I mentioned, living the “normal lifestyle”, as most of us are. But still and all, I do much more for my community than Jay does. So you can’t say no one is doing anything and there’s no level of talk you can administer regarding how much the community is doing or has not done in comparison to the fact that we have people in place, like Jay, Beyonce, Kanye, etc. who can easily make our voices be heard and echoes louder for results. That is how we got as far as a black people as we have! We had Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Black Panthers, etc. etc. That legacy must continue and be installed in our community by people in position. Then it will carry down as a subconscious in everyone in general. Denying people who supported you from day #1 is not the way to move your community in the right direction IF YOU CARE ANYTHING ABOUT THEM.

    As I mentioned, I myself do more for my community than this guy. I work with young artists in their 20’s by organizing showcases where they can have a platform to perform and develop their talents, as well as teaching them not to strive to use their talents merely for financial gain. But harness and develop their talent more out of the love of exercising craft. And btw, the “N word” and negativity is NOT ALLOWED in our shows at all.

    And I have quit big job positions in my day for disrespect or corrupt treatment of myself and other employees. So I have and currently still doing what I can do, just as Belafonte, to move the needle.

    So this all could have been done in a better way for the people on Jay’s level if I manage to accomplish it on mine!

    As many have said here……..SHAME ON YOU JAY Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Let me tell you something about Jerk-Z.
    I have a couple of friends that work as waiters at the 4040.

    Directly from their mouths. Jerk-Z comes in with a bunch of friends, has dinner and drinks’. The bill is 4000.00 and of course he signs for it and the prince of shit leaves NO TIP!!!!.

    His wife comes in, has a diet Pepsi and leaves a twenty, thanks no change. That’s class. WHAT THE HELL DOES A SWEET AND NICE LADY SEE IN THIS BOZZO?

    The worst is yet to come, are you ready for this? My friends work and get off early, they come me in the next day and ask for their tips from the night before and they are told Sorry nothing is here, you should have waited till they cut tokes, before going home. If for some reason they complain, they get a pink slip the next day?:-)

    JERK -Z

  106. There is no need waging war with one another… if this is war, you have already lost because the “so called enemy” has already succeeded by turning “us” against ourselves. So while you continue to attack on the wrong side of the battle lines, they will continue to sit back and use you like pawns. Guess what…….CHECKMATE!!!… you loose….SMH….so sad… I’m done with this because its kind of…. stupid

  107. This is lazy and one-sided “journalism”, and that is the bad example being set here…but I guess this is a blog so that can be the excuse?

    You offered no statistics on the amount he’s offered to charity over the past 10 years, but instead you single out a random year because you knew it had a low contribution. You make no mention of the $1,000,000 pledged to the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina. You neglect benefit concerts, percentages of proceeds of sales of concert tickets, attendance at rally’s to gain media attention for worthy causes (like repealing Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law), and more. There’s no mention of his renegotiating his agreement with Barneys to give all the proceeds of the line to charity and to also serve on a board with Barney’s to make sure incidents like the aforementioned racial profiling, don’t happen anymore. Its fine to take a side, but its poor journalism and setting a poor example to write an article that doesn’t provide a balance with facts, or purposely excludes facts that may counter your opinion. It makes your article and writing seem shoddy.

    Moreover, its so pathetic and sad when an article is about how another man should spend his money.
    The definiton of charity:
    “the VOLUNTARY giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.”

    Charity is a choice. To whom much is given, much is expected, but no one “gave” Jay-Z or Beyonce anything. They earned it. Its their money to do what they see fit. As a Black man, there’s perpetual disappointment in the attitude of waiting for handouts from a celebrity that many of you bashed for his checkered past. You can’t have it both ways.

    The most consistently neglected form of activism in the Black community is consumer activism. If you don’t support the practices or ethics of a brand, then don’t purchase the product that brand is selling. Don’t go to Jay-Z concerts. Don’t buy Jay-Z CDs. Don’t watch any television specials with him. Don’t request him on the radio. Focus your philanthropic efforts on people who ARE doing something and want to do more; write articles on those people and increase the public’s awareness on them, and drive up the hype and demand for them.

    In my opinion, you, the author, are part of the problem even moreso than Jay-Z.

    1. King I think you need to go back and re-read a little. Specifically the dates.
      The early reports of incidents started in early October . This article was written on the 20th, and Jay-Z didn’t come out with a public statement about serving on a board until days after this article – AFTER all the bad press started to really weigh down. And even then it took another week before he decided to donate a higher percentage of the profits to the SC foundation. Let’s put this in perspective: It took him LESS THAN A DAY to respond to Dame Dash’s comments earlier this year.

      And we still don’t know exactly the terms of this “board” he is going to serve on with Barney’s will do, what they will discuss, or what it is supposed to actually achieve. He can say anything he wants in the face of bad press in order to calm it down, but the bottom line is – what is ACTUALLY being done? Serving on a board sounds impressive, but its just words until action is taken and there is clear accountability being made.

      As to your definition of charity – thanks for that, however you missed the point entirely.
      Yes, we have a right to ask another man how he spends his money – when he demands the same from us.
      Jay-Z stands in front of us with a hand out for his charities, for his business ventures, for his art. But when we ask if he is doing the same, it’s suddenly pathetic? Come on. You don’t really believe that.
      It is EASY for a man to donate to a charity with money that isn’t HIS. Look at what he did with Barneys – upped the amount after all the bad press, so that means the money is coming from US, not out of his account. But when we say, “how much comes out of your own pocket”, then that is wrong somehow?
      And really – all of his charitable contributions have come from us. He donates proceeds, not income.
      It’s like saying that Gladys the Salvation Army Bell Ringer in front of Target has donated over 3.7 billion dollars to charity. NO. SHE HASN’T. It’s honorable work, but she is just there so YOU donate, it does not come out of her pocket. Jay-Z does the same thing and gets to look like a humble man.

      For the others I have read – you don’t get it.
      This article isn’t bashing Jay-Z on a single mistake. The article pointed out SEVERAL instances over a long period of time. That isn’t a simple misunderstanding. This behavior is now a habit.
      And really, most of the things listed aren’t identity-changing life moments, so this notion that he cannot defend every little thing because it takes too much time and harms his base is just B.S.
      It does not take more than 10 seconds to pick up a phone, hop on twitter and in 140 characters defend a friend (which by the way wouldnt that HELP race relations? – since someone pointed out his “great work” on stand your ground)

      The problem here is another Man is sucking at the tit of the Dollar bill. Race doesn’t matter when greed is concerned, and he is making MILLIONS off of you while letting his OWN PEOPLE argue amongst themselves.
      That’s just…terrible

  108. Everybodys cry about what rich n famous n wealthy do with their $$$$$$$$$$$$$ America is about have, s havenot, s millions n billions don’t determine your agenda on your path in life how that person is n what they choose is too each his or her own barneys dont shop their racial profiling ….think n be aware before barneys it was what civil rights equal opportunity employment target only minority crimes , drugs, anything bad in america barneys started all this no other companys I could think of more than a few that had worse includes some of our major banks in america all over usa loan for foreigners not for blacks oh be black n drive in nice racists america you good be obama jay, z , tavis simely, cornell west , steve harvey, money wont protect them in those suburbs with out escort or crew broadcasting their arrival still in america so called land of the freedom . Be happy deal with what u got n get .america is the biggest casino worldwide . Oh rights white or black or any other nationally is subject to questioning? ?…

  109. Jay-Z is an illuminati member who is a rap star. Notice how “they” are programming them to not focus on critical issues like racism, violence towards women, gay rights, etc. But instead focus on mundane pursuits that tend to cause separation and disconnect. Must be working because ignorant persons making ignorant comments about Harry Belafonte (who was involved in the former issues waay more than today’s entertainers combined) seems to be the order of the day here…you idiots

  110. The most disturbing part of this article to me is the part about Gwyneth paltrow getting backlash for tweeting the title of Jay Z’s song. That is absurd, all she did was put the title of it. She was at the concert, how is that bad!!!! lol


    1. People are so DELUSIONAL !! U want to force people to do what you want them too. How about you guys sever any business or personal relationships presently HAVE!! Pure ignorance.

      1. Exactly, im not mad at jay one bit. Keep doing ya thang because if u was to go broke “Harry Belfonte” aint gonna help u.

      2. How do you know Harry Belafonte wouldn’t help him? If you haven’t realized this Mr Belafonte represents a different era when it wasn’t every man for himself but a time when we helped or fellow brother or sister when in need. Not to mention this is the same man or thug that sold drugs on the streets of his own community but has not opened a rehab facility or provided financial backing to help sip the damage he helped cause. Jay-Z doesn’t care about black ppl is what his fellow label mate should have said. Every man for himself it’s exactly how society wants us divided and easily conquered.

      3. How about you proofread your statement before posting, so that it makes the slightest semblance of sense? Pure ignorance, indeed!

      4. Ditto @Jaxaurelius. And Kay, oops! your ignorance is showing. Being ignorant of your history and shortsighted to boot, is not the way to promote oneself, or a people.

      5. Harry Belafonte is a singer, actor and – most importantly – a civil rights icon whose work and life are part of the foundation upon which many in the Black community stand. Jay-Z is a celebrity rapper and creative capitalist.

        The former is committed to his people … that latter is committed to his market.

      6. I totally agree with you Think First, this is straight from the article ” Barneys and racial profiling allegations” allegation is the key word there. Why should stop doing business with the company ? Why not sit with the company head and deal with the issue? May be he has done that and is not seeking publicity ?

      1. When I listen to Jay Z talk he sounds like a very rich moron with very little to say other then I’m rich and you’re not. If he cared about the epidemic of young black brothers going straight to hell off of his lyrics and messages, he would change his style and put a math school on every corner of the hood and have the young black male mandated to get A’s in math instead of going to jail and prison. Until he does something like that! the real status Quo will continue to laugh at him under their breath. Saying shit like “He’s just a nigga out of the hood with a lot of money and no political strategy other then what his handlers allows him to have which is to say as much shit as possible to keep the rest of the nigga’s in jail for the prison system to make trillions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If this is true Jay-Z ain’t nothing but a rich little pawn hanging around in an expensive in a suit, talking with Warren Buffet like he’s on Warren’s level…Warren Buffet forgot more about reality then Mr. Carter knows as a matter of fact Jay-z doesn’t have a clue he will die a dumb bell……. All due respects to his family.

      2. I don’t know for sure because I’m not from the hip hop generation…nor do I listen to their music. But based on what I read here and what I read in the news about Jay Z, it seems pretty easy to believe. There are lots of artist and sports figures that won’t participate in the political arena because their afraid of the backlash from white America. It’s their life so you can’t force them……I’m just glad we have people like you who expose them for who they really are. Keep up the good work.

      3. Ask Harry did he support the Panthers after they were demolished, or before ? These preachers in this country are getting mighty fat, rolling in rolls royce style. Should we boycott them as well ? And america enslaved us without compensation, almost completely erasing the american Indians, should we boycott them as well ? These are not winable fights, but JZ is…. Get Real

      4. Ditto. I am going to share this with my three children ages 27, 25, & 22. They grew up listening to Jay-Z. Knowledge is POWERFUL!!!!

    2. you mother fuckers are crazy Jay Z is not Jesus he cannot save the world always glorify when he do not do what you guys want him to do you guys did not glorify it when he gave all that money to the Katrina storm victims always want to destroy a black man one fucked up person works in the store and now all the stores aRe fucked up he should not do business with them RIGHT……

      1. Bullshit, I am a damn Katrina survivor , I never left New Orleans all what money did the Greedy Dog give to us?! Do you even know what the Hell you’re blabbing about? Oh I know he must have donated it to his “Charity”, that his mere presence allows for, yeh right!

      2. That was the longest, most nonsensical sentence I believe I’ve ever read. However, despite being downright ignorant and ill-informed, it did manage to effectively reveal your embarrassing and shamefully low level of education. Please, learn to write if you want your posted points to be taken seriously.

      3. I am a HUGE Jay-Z fan…but I have to disagree with you. When Jay-Z SAYS it, it becomes the “law in the streets”. He told Blacks that the makers of Cristal were “rude”, so what happened, we stopped buying it and “popping it” in the club. He said “I don’t wear jerseys, I’m 30+” and dudes put away all the expensive jerseys they’d puchased over the years. He told guys to start wearing “button-ups”. What did we start seeing? More guys in button ups. At some point you have to stand for “something”. I am not familiar with his philanthropic efforts, so I cannot say that he doesn’t do great things in the community. What I do know is many people look at him at the “voice” of a marginalized group that is often VOICELESS. That said, despite whatever small monetary loss he could face, it would be well worth it. Someone earlier commented that he should “get his money and eff Mr. Belafonte”. That is a sad, selfish, non-community way of thinking . It’s ok to use your celebrity for something other than making yourself rich, especially when you’ve reached Jay-Z’s economic status.

    3. as being one of the higher paid black business men in america..n having so much staus in the black community jay z could speak out n support any thing that hurts black people..but he dosent..his only objective n goal is to obtain a higher income..which is crazy..money is the root to all evil..so blacks should no longer support jau z since he dosent support us if it had not been for peope like mr belafonte jay z wouldnt be where he is..let alone have a voice..so i vote to silence jay z..

      1. Money isn’t the root of all evil, the LOVE of it is. Money is paper. In the right hands.money can do all sorts of good. It’s when those who reach a certain level of fame & success forget that they have a responsibility. Jay Z already said he wanted to be the first rapper to make it to a billion dollars, so why would anyone think he’s gonna do much to take away from his bottom line? In my opinion folk s put too much stock, belief, trust, and expectations on people like Jay-Z. He’s doing what he is told to do in most cases. He’s been taught to play the game or lose everything. What do you think he’s gonna do?


    5. The black youth in society today have no regard or respect for anyone… Jay Z has a powerful platform in his music and fame…our youth follow him…I feel that he should lead by example…apparently he does not even respect the black people such as Harry Belafonte, that came before, paved the way paid the dues in the music industry and the political arenas over the past 30 or more years so that the Jay Z’s can have the opportunities make it..I also feel as he does have a responsibility to the Black youth and all youth to giveback. He did not have a problem supplying death (drugs) to his own community so why have a problem with supplying life (youth programs, supply books, computers ,going back to his community and all inner city communities) and promote positive direction. Instead like all the rest he get his fame. money and success and forget where he came from until it is time to sell another record…He needs to stand for something and stop falling for the bullsh**…truth be told he will only get as far as they allow him too. He should be also leaving a legacy and paving the way for the next generation as Mr. Belafonte has and believe me I am from that era and Mr. Belafonte and others took some mighty blows for Jay Z to strike it rich!…

      1. I agree with you!
        Based on my observations and some of the comments I’ve just read, our youths are lacking three of the basic tenets: Education, Knowledge and Respect.

      2. Miss Susan,
        I respectfully disagree with your opening statement. As a seventeen year old African American, I find it highly offensive. Please do not lump us all in one group with such negative generalizations. Instead of critiquing my generation, educate us. We live in a world where information is literally at our fingertips and most of what we’re learning doesn’t reflect the values of our elders, so we in turn do not reflect those values. Still, there are some of us who do at least attempt to hold onto traditional values and respect the older generation. I don’t believe that it is fair of you to expect my generation to embody foreign ideals. My generation holds the individual above the group, and though it may be wrong, it is what we know. It isn’t up to Jay-Z singularly, but all of our elders to show us a proper example and hold us to higher standards. Most young people will achieve the expectations set for them by their elders… So if you tell us that “the black youth in society today have no regard or respect for anyone,” don’t expect us to prove you wrong; it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6 (KJV)

        1. Mahalia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of youths in todays society have little or no respect for themselves much less their elders.

  112. I can’t say that I am surprised, nor do I expect more from him or most other entertainers that aren’t true to their own lyrics. He’s trying not to offend any one in the social club that undoubtedly was reluctant in accepting him. Of which he still isn’t genuinely accepted. Smh!

    1. Why do we expect better from some one who stepped on, killed (by his selling of crack) and who he happened to leave alive went on the street and is barely alive,He will do anything to protect his ill gotten gains; whether Barney’s or his first venture (it’s all the same) all this because he learned nothing coming from where ever he came from. His dream was to become rich and he has done that, now we want him to do something, to jeopardize that, that must be so scary for him, he obviously still has a” hood” mentality and if so, he will not let any of that money go; he has never learned it is better to give than to receive, giving attracts receiving , I know the more you give the more you receive. This man is no humanitarian, we should stop trying to make him into one.I believe the bottom line is the man is just CHEAP, He has always been part of the problem and has not yet learned how to crossover to being part of thee solution.Just plain CHEAP.

      1. THE KEY WORD IS–>he has never learned it is better to give than to receive, giving attracts receiving , I know the more you give the more you receive

  113. Good article. Definitely changed the way I look at artist and their charitable deeds. Every rapper that talks about giving back, ‘aint’ really giving back to the people that need it. Some people that have an established level of wealth can no longer under stand the plight of those less fortunate. Having a clothing line in Barney’s seems to be for White American. His inability to give Mr.Belafonte his much due respect further validates Jay-Z’s disconnect from the very community that helped him reach White America.

    1. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, however this article has enlightened me even more about Jay-Z and his delusional ideas about community and disrespect of the people that paved the way for him to where he is today. A fool and his money will soon depart, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day. I so agree with what you stated.

      1. Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do , or think as you think. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today. Malcolm X

  114. Well there was also, the response that Jay-Z was hands on working with Barneys to teach the organization how to approach and handle the topic at the core of this public issue. Working hand and hand is better than throwing the towel towards oh im going to just protest. Its all types of classim-ism and race-ism. But these groups work with other groups (or they choose not to at all) to make money and to help break down these walls of stereotypes. Its not good when we as people can only see one way of handling something.

    1. This is EXACTLY how I have responded to others on this subject…Are all of these people against Affirmative Action? By Jay sitting on this panel and forcing them to do right, isn’t this the same principle? I think the real disappointment people are feeling is they want Jay to give more financially to the situation or to be in more of a 60’s radical mentality…but how much time are YOU donating to fight racism? This is NOT the only way people…WAKE UP.

    2. Did you all NOT read the article in its entirety? The author pointed to a pattern of acts of black complacency on Jay z’s part. I never was too keen on black celebrities attaining massive wealth without redistributing and investing a portion of that wealth in black communities. Whether you believe it or not, There is regression in the cause for advancement of our people. A lot of black celebrities are either unconsciously participating in this movement or they have sold their souls. Bill Cosby and Harry Belafonte were for the advancement of blacks because of the positive black male charcters that they played in film and tv: imagery. That was older black elites goal, to eliminate discrimination. However, they are at fault as are many black elite. They helped maintain system of classism and institutionalized poverty in the black community. Their complacency to poor blacks and their issues gave rise to a generation of people who think and act like Jay Z.

      1. I agree with most of your statement. I would only say that some of the older icons who contributed to the cause expected the mantle to be passed on to the next generation. Harry Belafonte is one of the few who did not defer and rest on his laurels. Bill Cosby donated millions to Spelman and Morehouse Colleges while Dr. Dre donated millions to Southern Cal. I guess he didn’t get the memo. People like him and Carter must think that because they made it that there are no more battles to fight and that opportunity is available for all. Racism, segregation and oppression are more subtle today than it was 30, 40 or 50 years ago and I doubt if Carter and those of his ilk have the intellectual capacity or the heart to understand. When money and material things are your mantra and you worship those things you don’t let a little thing like humanity or giving back stand in your way.

    3. There is no right way to do wrong. Not to take a stance based on principle alone is wrong. The fact that he was not out in front of this issue and had to be sought for comment is telling. In his raps and in the persona he has constructed Jay Z has all but bragged about his callousness and willingness to mame , kill and exploit for wealth. Moreover history reminds us that those who speak out with real clout and credibility are demonized , singled out and even killed for taking a stand. We can accuse and blame him or we can take responsibility for supporting his ilk and learn to take a stand ourselves …

  115. Harry Belafonte is an activists activist…I do admire his Humanity,as far as Jay -Z is concerned,he only perpetuates the situation by being an enabler…Jay-Z just does not get it!

    1. Hello Joe! Apples and oranges. Belafonte was at the forefront of the civil rights struggle and took the hits to his career for his activism. However we can not prescribe morality, nor can Harry Belafonte.

      1. You’re ignorant. And hateful. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why do I hate people because they don’t do what I think they should do with their money

  116. CHARITY… like no ma’am… i do business… whoever purchases these items, which, are pretty darned expensive, isnt at all the point… charity… as for harry belafonte, while he was bailing martin luther king out of prison, folks all over the country were learning prison culture as a freedom fighters badge of honor… you see where thats headed since…

  117. Plain and simple its Jay-z’s money and time. And he can do whatever he chooses to do with it. Just like I have my own money and time and I can choose to buy or not buy his cd’s or attend his concerts……. And I can choose to walk by the Salvation Army bucket and not donate, not donate a few canned goods to the poor, not give a few to Toys for Tots, or not give to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund, or not help Japan or the Philippines or any other country that had a natural disaster. I can also choose to not volunteer at the local boys and girls club or donate to help local after school programs buy new computers, sports equipment and other needed items. I can also not go to local food kitchens and help feed the homeless or not visit with the elderly in local nursing homes or go talk with vets at the local VA hospital …etc etc….my point before we start judging and criticizing celebrities and other people we don’t know about how much their giving or not giving… we need to look at our own lives and our own level of generosity….or lack thereof…..generosity/ giving back is not only for the rich and famous….

    1. Some people should never open their mouths do your home work or learn to read He made 63,000,000 but gave 6,000 to His Charity where they do that at while others give 100 1,000 2,000 when it’s your cause shouldn’t you care more

      1. You just confirmed my point. Stop judging what he does with his money. Lol. It’s not your money. Stop telling him how much to give. Do you give or donate to anything? I’ll admit. I don’t. Smh

    2. Yes we can all do as we please with our time and money. Just because a member of our race made it doesn’t mean that he is a role model or that its our place to badger them into being a role model. But to be able rise up from their circumstances that person should want to be a role model. If its all about money keep selling dope. Its more profitable. EITHER YOU BUILD OR DESTROY.

      1. “Made it”…really? In whose books? ‘pends what we define as “success”.
        In Mr. Carter’s case, Eminem’s “Rock star” seems an appropriate summary…well…one line in particular, “We’re the ones who…” I’ll leave that right there LOL!

    3. i think you make a valid point, but i think that folks might feel like when you are in a place of power as a black men selling music that is based on the lives of so many young people of color, you are held to a higher standard and because you have so many resources, your donations will have a tremendous impact and demonstrates your care for your people and their progress….
      speaking for me personally I would love to give to many different causes but I don’t have the capacity to.

      so it sort of feels like when you come into wealth you are know in a position to cultivate change due to the fact that through history powerful people make the most change.

      i don’t think we can pass to much judgement on Jay-Z, i think folks are just disappointed is all.

      1. Say that! How dare a wealthy African American rest on the laurels. We don’t have the room for that kind of complacency. Our community has to man needs. He especially should have a spirit of giving by the very way that he gained his financial wealth – exploration of his own community. Jay Z knows exactly what he’s doing. I HEARD him him state in an interview that he intentionally ‘dumbs’ down his music. He participate in a systematic designed destruction of the our community. However, he is not a leader or role model so there really shouldn’t be any expectations.

      2. Just thinking where would jay-z be if it were not for the sampling of beats from the 60’s or 70’s.when you listen to rap or hip-hop the first thing that grabs your attention is that old school back in the day track.Really without the track,his words would be pure babble.Example, try listening to hard-knock life without the hot beat in the background.So.It is the shoulders of the pioneers such as Mr. Belefonte &many others that jay-z and others are standing on.so RESPECT IS DUE EVEN IF YOU DONT AGREE!! Have I misspoken?

  118. He was one of the celebrities who cancelled all tour dates in Florida until the stand your ground law is changed. We need to stop pointing fingers at everyone else and do what we can to make our hoods better. First and foremost we need to start sticking together like so many other races,and if you have a problem with a store from Barneys to the Chinese carry out stop spending money there that’s the only way we can get the proper respect. Jay-Z isn’t the problem we are the problem he provides us entertainment if you like his music buy it if you don’t then don’t buy it. But stop blaming rich black folk for our ignorance and unwillingness to support each other. People don’t own anything but their shopping at Barney’s, I made 185,000$ and I don’t shop at Barney’s or own a 300$ belt.

    1. Come on Bra you made 185,000 dollars but you don’t own a 300.00 belt but we should stick together because he’s black he shouldn’t spend 300.00 on a belt people like you don’t get it

  119. I have been saying this all along. One of his items is a ski mask! Wait….what? Dead ass? And you know some fool is going to buy this mask. It’s not enough that Barney’s have “racial profiling” imagine the black person wearing that ski mask! He’s an ass! This incident ALONE has proved to me how much he ain’t ish in my eyes!

    1. RACISM IS OBSOLETE. The moment I saw a black member of the GOP I realized that. It has been replaced by classisim. If you don’t believe me ask the white middle class voters that re elected George W. He stuck it to both black and white for the green. People like Jay Z see that green is the only color that counts. If activism becomes profitable then maybe he will change his stance.

  120. People expect us to quit when someone does something offensive, C’mon Son! Be upset about it for sure but don’t be a quitter, it does nothing to further your cause so Why quit? I expect disrespect at every turn when we’er not looking, it shouldn’t but does come with the media constant displays of people of color wrongdoings. I understand what’s going on and know that I might as well stick to my guns and help further the agenda and my business “Blu Tint Photography” which I made to create opportunities for others in the future. I’m glad Slaves, Harriet Tubman, Ellen Craft (look her up), Jackie Robertson, MLK and Barack Obama never quit when things got rough. If you’re mad at Jay- Z… I say get a back bone and develop a thicker hide because the world isn’t a “big pimping” video shoot and access is hard to come by if you have no one who understands you at the top.
    Blu of Blu Tint Photography

  121. I hate it that folks are so opinionated and critical of Jay-Z when we only have select information we have read in the Media. We do not know ALL of the facts that made Jay-Z reach his decision to go forward with his contract with Barneys. In my opinion, we need to support our black sucessful artists, who are not hurting anyone because we do not know what they do privately to help the “cause” of racial equality, etc. A friend worked at Barneys for over 30 years and repeatedly told me about folks of color coming in with fake charge cards/I.D.’s and purchased multiple expensive items. This is commonplace in New York and these activities continued for decades and there was nothing Barney’s could do about it, unless the credit card could be proved to be faudulent at the time of the sale. Some folks were arrested after repeatedly running the same scam in Barneys and Barney’s had proof of the fraudulent card and the crooks were identified as repeat offenders. This information was given to me by a black employee at Barneys. Earlier, I read that we should all do our individual part to ease racism, rather than place the burden on our wealthy entertainers. Just my opinion.

  122. As long as your enemy is invested in your finances they will control you, just like the banks control america the stats above if your enemy is providing 80 percent of your lively hood what do you expect when your people don’t or can’t afford to back you you can’t back them is it right no but I can understand. Harry came up in a different era and him and sydney and ruby and ossie didn’t always back the black theater that needed them because what the money the exposure (The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, good read and insight to blacks back then) rmember Harry was pre intergration jay kanye post intergration too different mind frames two different eras two different practices of racism…

  123. We as Africans American came a long way…And have a long way 2 go…Fighting for your people does not mean Jay Z going to go broke…Its doing whats right..Because at the end of the day IF YOU DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING…SMH

    1. Jay Z works for his money, he has the right to invest and spend his money anyway he so chooses, no different than you or I. The choices that anyone makes be it right or wrong are something that they will have to live with. Jay Z is a business Man, rather you want to accept it or not! I do not agree or disagree, I do not have all of the facts, however; I will end on this note, Jay Z is not the only wealthiest Man on this Earth and many others are making a difference, and when it’s all said and done, God so give it and God can so take it away!!

      1. Even the devil has those who will defend him just like Hitler. No matter the deed even the most despicable person (especially if he’s rich and famous) will find someone who will take up for him. Sure Carter can do what he wants with the money he earned off those whose lives he exploited. To follow your logic then its safe to say that a crack dealer can do whatever he wants with his money since you made no distinction between legal and illegal gotten gains. But just like the man can do what he wants with his money the same holds true for people who oppose him. Personally, I choose not to buy his crappy misogynistic drivel or go to his concerts or shop at Barney’s. That’s my right! I applaud people who are taking a stand against this character and the next time he refers to you and your sisters as b—ches and my brothers as n—-s I’m sure someone will crawl out of a hole and defend him.

      2. Yes, of course I am speaking of “Clean Money”! About Jay Z calling Woman Bitches or Niggar’s, that never did earn my attention, if the shoes fit than the words will truly do damage. I did not bring up the topic of selling crack, as mention before, I speak on facts, and crack selling is not the issue of concern!!

  124. I feel like some of this is unfounded. Do the actions of a few mean that Barney’s is actually a racist store? I feel like the obvious move for the store would be to fire those involved and for Jay to cease business with the company until they do so. With his influence, he has the leverage because I’m sure Barney’s doesn’t want that bad publicity. So what, did you really expect Jay Z to abandon a partnership that has probably been months in the making and stands to help thousands just because one or two employees profiled someone? Really? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not how life works-at all. As for the Gwyneth Pawltrol tweet…that is such a controversial, ambivalent topic that even he isn’t sure what to make of . There’s no way Jay could come out looking good responding to something as trivial as that. No one really cares, and if they really have a problem , they should stop saying the “n-word” and listening to songs that say it. If the “n-word” is such an offensive word- why is it okay for anyone to say it? GP is definitely not a racist, she was just confused, and did she take the “i” out of N*gga” ? If so, than she was merely repeating the title as its written. Oh, and let’s just forget about the 10,000,000$ well he had built when he visited Kenya. I feel like we as black people have to distinguish between swinging blindly at the first isolated spurt of racism and practical Afrocentrism and advocacy. I feel like we’re just tearing another black man down at this point. Oh, btw, I’m black.

    1. If you think Jay Z spent 10,000,000 to dig a Well in Kenya I got a Island I sell you For 10,000 the money was donate on his behalf just like his Charity he gave 6,000 to

      1. Even if he didn’t, which I’ll admit could very well be a possibility, he definitely attached himself to the Water for life movement back in ’06. He visited Angola and plenty of other third world countries, and lending his fame to such a great cause is definitely nothing to scoff at.

      2. Do you really think he made 63,000,000 and only donated 6,000 to charity? On 63,000,000 you would have to pay about 30,000,000 in taxes. Do you think he rather give 30,000,000 to the tax man or give 10,000,000 to charity and 20,000,000 to the tax man. You get a deduction for charitable giving–he still would pay the same amount in taxes. Just because he gave 6,000 to his charity, does not mean he did not give to other charities.

  125. Nevr have cared for him or west. Two opinionated clowns with money. Going to Cuba, was the main disaster for this camel (should have walked the Sahara). Chasing money will not end happily. You’ve got all you need and only want to show off.

  126. I’m shocked about the demeaning way in which he even addresses Harry Belafonte! At the end of the day we all have to live with our choices! Maybe one day Jay z will open his heart.

    1. Open his heart or do you mean his wallet. Tell me what has harry done for you lately ? If Harry can comment on JZ, then he is old enough to boycott America, for all it’s evil doings to us and others. That’s where I know him, BUCK AND THE PREACHER. Keep it pimping Harry, some things never stop.

  127. Jay Z is in his own make believe world or for better words bubble he will come back to reality as soon as that bubble burst.

  128. This doesn’t mean that he’s out of touch; rather, it means that he is rational. Why would he discontinue his clothing line for an unsubstantiated claim? And, why would he cut off funding that comes into his household? He did what any rational person would do. People need to focus on the issues at hand and stop trying to cast the buck. If someone was racially profiled at Barney’s, then hold Barney’s accountable (not the designers that supply the store).

    As far as Belafonte, if he feels that Jay-Z is not doing enough in the community, he should have a man-to-man conversation with him (not chastise him in the media). How about, instead of worrying about how much money Jay-Z gives, worry about how we close the economic gap! Come up with real-world, rational solutions instead of misguided opinions.

    1. I think you are correct to some degree, but I think that people are technically worried about how Jay-Z spends his money..it is more so that he is in a place of power and has the potential more than a lot of folks to have an impact and make a difference. Black and brown folks have progressed but we remain the under dog and I think that the feeling is that Jay-Z should fight for the folks he discusses in his music, but I also think that although he is in a place of power he may not be well educated just a good businessman and he is doing what he is good at.

      there is a ton of internalized racism/oppression that being rational can not irradiate. in terms of oppression and internalized oppression there is a ton at play with situations brought up in this article and I think it is everyones job to be aware and educate each other of what is at play and organize ourselves in that regard.

  129. I think this article is not very thorough. 1) There is the concept of breach of contract. People can’t walk away from contracts without severe legal consequences. 2) If we really want to make an indictment of Jay-Z ‘s charity or lack thereof we have to look at everything rather than a few perceived anecdotal wrongs. A more thorough examination would undoubtedly include some of the positive impacts he has had and weigh them. I’m not saying the premise is wrong, just saying doesn’t seem like there was enough research.

  130. can you tell me how many black men and women that jay-z has put thru college ? after you find that out , can you tell me how many black women and men you have put thru college ?

  131. I respect holding people accountable. However this poor journalism is the real facade. This person she is attacking is not a civil rights activist like Harry Belafonte. The article just so happens to leave out the statement Jay-Z issued stating that he will in taking a leadership role on racial profiling issues that occurs at these stores.Instead her holding the company accountable we attack the one black person within the company like he was doing the racial profiling. Harry Belafonte also backtracked on his statement saying that he should not have made those comments. So I honestly think the author could have did a better job. She mocks that he use to sell crack, would she prefer to him be still selling it?

  132. unfortunately charity is the most self serving, promotion vehicle. If you really want to make a difference donate and share your wealth unanimously.